Who has covered Hey Joe?

Covers of Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix

  • Hey Joe by Deep Purple (1968) Rock / Pop.
  • Hey Joe by Lee Moses (1971) Rock / Pop.
  • Hey Joe by Johnny Hallyday (1967) Rock / Pop.
  • Hey Joe by Black Uhuru (1990)
  • Hey Joe by Body Count (1994)
  • Hey Joe by Otis Taylor feat.
  • Hey Joe by The Offspring (1991)
  • Hey Pete by Type O Negative (1992)

Is Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix a cover?

“Hey Joe” is a classic illustration of the music industry truism that where there’s a hit, there’s a writ. This brooding tale of a wronged man who shoots his cheating lover dead before going on the run is eternally defined by Jimi Hendrix’s sky-scraping 1966 cover, but its provenance was a source of controversy.

Who did the original version of Hey Joe?

the Leaves
In late 1965, Los Angeles garage band the Leaves recorded the earliest known commercial version of “Hey Joe”, which was released as a single. They re-recorded the song and released it in 1966 as a follow-up single, which became a hit in the US.

Is Purple Haze about Vietnam?

Jess from Toronto, CanadaPurple Haze became an anti-Vietnam song. It inspired soldiers who were fighting inthe Vietnam war. Hendrix said that “Purple Haze” was about whatever you wanted it to be about and many interpreted it to be about the Vietnam war.

Why is it called Purple Rain?

Purple rain pertains to the end of the world and being with the one you love and letting your faith/God guide you through the purple rain,” prince said of the song’s meaning. To keep up the metaphor, the title track on Prince’s famed album, 1999, also uses the color purple to reference a doomed ending.

Who played drums on Hey Joe?

Mitch Mitchell
Born 9 July 1946 Ealing, England
Died 12 November 2008 (aged 62) Portland, Oregon, U.S.
Genres Rock jazz fusion
Instruments Drums

Is Hey Joe one of the greatest songs ever?

And besides the marvel of this song itself, those facts are proofs that Hey Joe is one of the greatest and most influential songs ever created on this world (something I never guessed before). This first version is still very dubious. I mean, it’s still not perfectly clear whether he really is the original one or was it Dino Valente.

Who wrote Hey Joe by Billy Roberts?

“Billy Roberts wrote the classic “Hey Joe” in 1962……yeah! …royalty battles raged for years…. originally it was stolen by an LA group “The Leaves” who hadah big hit with it in the early 60′s…. but Billy thankfully had it copyrighted…….

What is the famous chord progression in Hey Joe?

Thereby turning it into Hey Joe…The famous chord progression was mine ie F C G D A. The original song had a bridge: A C D G. A C D G. then back to the original chord progression. Even the question answer format was mine.” The second one is from Billy Robert’s friend, Billy Stapleton.

Did Billy Roberts steal ‘Hey Joe’ from me?

“In the late fifties, Billy Roberts was my boyfriend for awhile. I was a songwriter and had written a song called ‘Baby Please Don’t Go To Town. ’…He stole it from me, kept the melody and put different words to it. Thereby turning it into Hey Joe…The famous chord progression was mine ie F C G D A. The original song had a bridge: A C D G. A C D G.