What is the pronunciation of loci?

The modern linguistic interpretation helps. The singular “locus” is pronounced with a hard “c”. Would you know the reasons for the classical choice of adopting the soft “c” for the plural “Loci”?

Is locus the plural of loci?

Loci is the plural of locus.

How do you say locus plural?

noun, plural lo·ci [loh-sahy, -kee, -kahy], lo·ca [loh-kuh]. a place; locality.

What does lex loci mean in English?

law of [the] place
A Latin term meaning the “law of [the] place”. The principle that the law of the place giving rise to particular rights is the law that governs the rights of parties to a legal proceeding.

What is loci in psychology?

a mnemonic technique in which the items to be remembered are converted into mental images and associated with specific positions or locations. For instance, to remember a shopping list, each product could be imagined at a different location along a familiar street.

Is locus a Latin word?

locus (n.) (plural loci), 1715, “place, spot, locality,” from Latin locus “a place, spot; appointed place, position; locality, region, country; degree, rank, order; topic, subject,” from Old Latin stlocus, a word of uncertain origin. Used by Latin writers for Greek topos.

What does loci stand for?


Acronym Definition
LOCI Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV show)
LOCI Loss of Control In-Flight (aviation)
LOCI Logarithmic Computing Instrument
LOCI Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation (Madison, WI)

How do you read C in Latin?

c is pronounced k: cantus (kahn-toos). cc before e, i, y, ae, oe is pronounced tch: ecce (eht-cheh). ch is pronounced k: cherubim (keh-roo-beem).

What is another word for locus?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for locus, like: position, site, location, place, point, chrna7, emplacement, situation, spot, locale and homolog.

What do you mean by lex loci Solutionis?

Definition of lex loci solutionis : the law of the place of performance of a contract.

What is the correct pronunciation of ‘loci’?

Pronunciation of loci communes with 1 audio pronunciations 0 rating rating ratings Record the pronunciation of this word in your own voice and play it to listen to how you have pronounced it.

How effective is the method of loci?

Using the method of loci has the following advantages: Possibility to make the memory more structured; Allows you to remember large amounts of information in a particular order; Creates an instant recall; Improves imaginative thinking and much more. Method of loci example we find in cinema or literature.

How to use the loci technique?

The various businesses and landmarks on your way to work

  • The houses along your street
  • All of the floors in the building where you work
  • The cities you drive through on vacation
  • Walking through your bedroom (Instead of rooms as locations,you can think of points — such as the closet,your bed,the dresser,the window,etc. — as your locations.)
  • How do you work out loci?

    The circle – the locus of points which are equidistant from a fixed point,the centre.

  • The perpendicular bisector – the locus of points which are equidistant from two fixed points A and B.
  • The angle bisector – the locus of points which are equidistant from two fixed lines.