Who created Smiggle?

Stephen Meurs
Peter Pausewang

Who is Smiggle owned by?

the Just Group
Smiggle was established in 2003 in Melbourne Australia, originally opening 20 concept stores around the country. By 2007, Smiggle had joined the Just Group – owned by Premier Investments Limited, the ASX listed retail conglomerate.

Where was Smiggle invented?

Developed and designed in Australia “Smiggle” has gone global, with stores in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. At Smiggle we find new ways to slip colour into the everyday life.

When was Smiggle founded?

2003, Melbourne, AustraliaSmiggle / Founded

How many Smiggles are there?

It was founded in Melbourne by Stephen Meurs and Peter Pausewang in 2003 and acquired by the Just Group in July 2007. As of February 2016, the chain has stores located across Australia (135), New Zealand (23), Singapore (17), United Kingdom (100), Hong Kong (14), Malaysia (22) and the Republic of Ireland (3).

Why is Smiggle so successful?

Smiggle really ‘gets’ their audience and is focussed on keeping them loyal and engaged. This is a brand that understands that while product is important, it is a lifestyle that they are selling. Smiggle proudly claim in their communications, that they are “where a smile meets a giggle… the world’s greatest place”.

What is Smiggle worth?

Under Lew’s ownership the Smiggle chain has grown from 35 stores in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and New Zealand with annual sales of $19 million to 347 stores in eight countries with sales of $293 million.

What is Smiggles target market?

The Smiggle brand has a highly defined target market – their core target market are kids who are aged 9 to 12 years old nor tweens – but from experience, I know younger kids LOVE it too. Smiggle has consistent branding with strong core colours and clear messaging. Smiggle – where a smile meets a giggle.

Who are Smiggles competitors?

Smiggle’s top competitors include Dismelo, The Coleman Company, Thermador Groupe and Inforshop Suprimentos. Smiggle is a retail store chain that sells stationery and related accessories. Dismelo is a retailer of consumer goods. The Coleman is a retailer of consumer goods.

What is the history of Smiggle?

History. In late 2002, Meurs started designing, developing and producing the first lines of Smiggle stationery, while Kate Martino was tasked to look for suitable retail sites around Melbourne. They decided on the name, ‘Smiggle’ as a mashup word for smile and giggle, reflecting their aims for the products.

Does Smiggle add jewellery to its stationery Crown?

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Where is Smiggle based in Melbourne?

In March 2003, Smiggle opened its first retail outlet on Chapel Street, South Yarra, a famous shopping, dining and entertainment precinct within inner-Melbourne.

Is there a Smiggle store in Ireland?

In 2016, Smiggle opened its first store in the Republic of Ireland in Dundrum. In 2017 stores are planned for Dublin City, Cork City and Limerick. In October 2017, Smiggle opened new store at the intu Trafford Centre, its 110th UK store.