What is the Latin word for walrus?

The scientific name for the walrus is Odobenus rosmarus, which means ‘tooth-walking seahorse’ in Latin.

What are walrus whiskers called?

mustacial vibrissae
As their favorite meals, particularly shellfish, are found near the dark ocean floor, walruses use their extremely sensitive whiskers, called mustacial vibrissae, as detection devices.

Is a walrus a whale?

Walrus whales defy this pattern by having a snout that is flattened, and bent downwards; along with a vaulted palate and tusks, the result is a slew of traits that converge on the skull of living walruses, which are entirely unrelated to whales.

What is a Pacific walrus?

The Pacific walrus is a large pinniped (i.e., the group that includes seals, sea lions and fur seals) that lives in the Bering and Chukchi seas where they haul out on sea ice and along the mainland coast and islands of Russia and Alaska.

What is the plural of walrus?

noun. wal·​rus | \ ˈwȯl-rəs , ˈwäl- \ plural walrus or walruses.

Where did the word walrus come from?

The common name, walrus, originated with the Danish word hvalros, meaning “sea horse” or “sea cow”. The Russian word for walrus is morzh.

Why are walrus eyes red?

The walrus spends the cold winter months over the Bering Sea. Some cases of red eye are caused by pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis. The skin of a walrus is very thick. A close eye is kept on them though by conservation groups.

What animal eats walruses?

As they are very large, walruses have few natural predators, but polar bears and killer whales are known to occasionally attack them. There are two subspecies of walruses, divided by geography.

How much does a walrus cost?

*Prices of puppies may start as low as $399.00 and depending on the individual, can go up from there.

How do you say multiple walrus?

The plural of walrus is walruses.

What’s another word for walrus?

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for walrus, like: rosmarus, sea-horse, seahorse, finback, crocodile and Odobenus.

Are walruses smart?

Walruses are intelligent animals. Scientists are gathering evidence that the walrus is the most cognitively and socially sophisticated of all pinnipeds. The upper canine teeth of the walrus are known as morse or tusks. The tip of the walrus tusk has an enamel coating which is worn away during the animal’s youth.