What is the best food for Blue Jays?

Blue Jays’ Favorite Foods

  • Mealworms, fresh or dried.
  • Suet cakes, shreds, nuggets, or suet butter.
  • Sunflower seeds of any type.
  • Cracked corn or whole corn kernels.

What kind of bird feed do blue jays eat?

You will need a ground bird feeder or a large bird feeder to support blue jays. Alternatively, you can put some seeds on the ground in order to attract them. Blue jays are fond of black oil sunflower seeds, corn, peanuts, and acorns.

How do I attract blue jays to my yard?

To summarize the best ways to attract Blue Jays to your backyard, just make sure to offer their favorite foods (sunflower, corn, peanuts) on large and open feeders, provide a consistent water source, and have nearby native tree’s, and you should have no problem attracting these feisty, smart, and beautiful birds!

What feeders do blue jays like?

To attract blue jays, fill a hanging hopper bird feeder with peanuts, black sunflower seeds, corn, acorns, suet and mealworms. Place it near shrubs that don’t get too much foot traffic. You can also attract them to a specific area with a small plate of berries and fruit.

Will blue jays eat apples?

Aside from berries, blue jays will also happily munch on other fruits such as apples, oranges and cherries. If feeding apples and oranges, make sure that you slice them up into manageable pieces for the birds to enjoy.

How do you befriend a blue jay?

You can offer them mealworms, cracked corn, suet, and even sunflower seeds. These are all among some of Blue Jay’s favorite treats. But nuts aren’t the only treat you can offer a Blue Jay. They also enjoy sweeter treats such as berries and fruits.

Will blue jays eat from a feeder?

Blue jays and other jays are large backyard birds, so this open platform feeder gives them plenty of space to spread out while they search for a meal. Mourning doves also prefer these feeders.

Do blue jays swallow sunflower seeds whole?

Blue jays and chickadees hold sunflower seeds in their feet, and hack a hole into the shell with the tip of their beak. When blue jays “swallow” a whole seed, they’re actually putting it into their throat pouch to hide for later.

Do blue jays eat bananas?

This particular treat has suet dough, mealworms, and sunflower seeds all combined into a healthy and tasty treat. Or if you prefer: I also recommend Wild Sciences Suet. Besides the healthy rendered beef fat, they have a couple of formulas containing fruits, nuts, seeds, and peanuts, which blue jays go bananas for.

How do you feed Blue Jays but not squirrels?

Lighthouse Shaped Peanut Feeder This bird feeder holds a large amount of shelled peanuts, so there will be plenty to go around for the woodpeckers, nuthatches and blue jays. The durable metal mesh will deter squirrels from chewing on it. You’ll love these whimsical winter bird feeders.

Do Blue Jays swallow sunflower seeds whole?

Is bread good for blue jays?

Do blue jays eat bread? Blue jays aren’t huge fans of bread, but they will eat it if they need to or want to. The issue with bread is that it’s nutritionally poor, meaning that birds who fill themselves up on bread likely aren’t getting the nutrients they need to live a healthy life.