Does Dr Mrs Vandertramp use avoir or être?

Mnemonic Devices for Learning Être Verbs: Dr and Mrs Vandertramp. There are certain French verbs which require être as the auxiliary verb in the passé composé and other compound tenses, and students sometimes have a hard time remembering them.

What does Dr and Mrs Vandertramp stand for?

Acronym. Definition. DR MRS VANDERTRAMP. Devenir Revenir Monter Rester Sortir Venir Aller Naître Descendre Entrer Retourner Tomber Rentrer Arriver Mourir Partir (mnemonic for French verbs using the verb Être in the past tense)

How do you know if a verb is avoir or être?

For starters, on their own, the verb être means “to be” and the verb avoir means “to have.” These two verbs are used in this simple sense to say things like je suis professeur (I am a teacher) or elle a une tasse (she has a cup).

How to use Dr Mrs P vandertramp verbs in context?

Let’s go over some examples of the DR MRS P. VANDERTRAMP verbs in context… Don’t forget that when using être you have to make the verb agree with the subject (je, tu, elle, etc..). What this means is that if the subject is feminine then you have to add an E to the end of the verb ONLY when using the past participle (tombé, entré, arrivé).

What is Dr vandertramp?

Dr Mrs Vandertramp. DR MRS VANDERTRAMP is a learning strategy to help French learners remember some verbs which use être as an auxiliary verb.

How do you use vandertramp verbs in French?

You’ll see certain Dr. Mrs. Vandertramp verbs used with the auxiliary avoir, and this is not necessarily a mistake—a change in auxiliary can reflect a change in meaning of the verb. For example, even though sortir is a Vandertramp verb, you can see the sentence J’ai sorti les poubelles, meaning “I took out the trash.”

What is avoir vandertramp?

Vandertramp is an acronym that accommodates the listing of verbs that use être as an auxiliary verb (serving to verb) as a substitute of avoir. Classe de Mme. Rego [licensed for use only from There are 14 common verbs plus numerous derivatives which take être, and their derivatives usually do too.