What is collection development in digital library?

In digital library collection development, librarians are making digitization recommendations instead of purchasing recommendations. They are not evaluating what has been published, but rather what within their collection is most valuable and unique to users.

What should be included in a collection development policy?

The collection development policy sets goals for the collection that reflect the library’s mission. The collection development policy provides information to the library’s stakeholders about how the collection is chosen, and it explains who is responsible for making decisions about the collection.

Why do we need a written collection development policy for digital library?

The main reason to write a collection development policy is to prevent the library from being driven by events or by individual enthusiasms and from purchasing a random set of resources, which may not support the mission of the library.

What is the meaning of collection development policy?

A collection development policy is a written statement of selection principles and criteria, with guidelines on the depth of subject coverage, and details such as language, geography, and time period.

What is the importance of collection policy?

The collection policy helps to determine preservation priorities because it states the level at which the institution collects in any given subject. That level is in turn usually determined by the importance of a given collection to the institution’s programs and ultimately to its mission.

What are the factors affecting collection development in public library?

These factors include policies, principles, techniques and procedures, problems associated with collection/development and weeding out as well. It is equally important to evaluate the collections to assess its use and moreover the usefulness of collection development in electronic environment.

What is a collection policy?

A collections policy is a defined procedure followed by a business to ensure that its customers pay their accounts on a timely basis. Collections policies can vary by trade, industry, and business, and, in some instances, by customer accounts.