What was the number one hip hop song in 1995?

“Gangsta’s Paradise” was 1995 biggest selling single – in any musical genre – and even one of the biggest selling singles ever. The huge mainstream success of this song pretty much ended Coolio’s Hip Hop career, but this song has to be recognized as a classic (even if you’ve heard it a thousand times too many…).

What rappers were popular in 1995?

Highest first-week sales

Number Album Artist
1 E. 1999 Eternal Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
2 Dogg Food Tha Dogg Pound
3 Me Against The World 2Pac
4 Cypress Hill III: Temples of Boom Cypress Hill

What was the #1 rap song in 1996?

Tha Crossroads was the only number one on the rap charts that went double platinum in ’96. The West Coast took over with this single from Cali’s own 2Pac. The song featured vocals from K-Ci and Jojo and reached #1 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and on the Rap Singles chart.

What are some of the Best Hip Hop Songs from 1995?

Mobb Deep’s critically praised The Infamous was an influential album in both the East Coast and hardcore hip hop genres. Do You Want More?!!!??! What’s on My Mind? Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Straight From Tha Ramp!! Hip hop singles which charted in the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 in 1995. LL Cool J feat. Boyz II Men Method Man feat.

What happened to rap in 1995?

In 1995, the year served as a tense calm before the violent finale that brought the golden age of rap to a close, and ushered in a (perhaps necessary) corporatization of the genre that, more or less, still holds today. Follow this playlist: On mobile, tap “View Playlist” and then “Follow.”

What are some of the best Southern Hip Hop Albums?

This is Southern Hip Hop at its finest. Real and raw, Soul Food has that genre-bending musicality reminiscent of OutKast with true lyrical depth. This is one of those albums that age like fine wine and only get better as time goes by. Cee-Lo, T-Mo, Big Gipp, and Khujo dropped a timeless gem with this album.

What are the Best Hip Hop Albums of the 90s?

Because of their unique style, their undeniable chemistry, and the eery vibe of the album, E.1999 Eternal has been universally recognized as a Hip Hop classic. Top tracks: East 1999 | Tha Crossroads | First of the Month | Mo Murda 10. Smif N Wessun – Dah Shinin Classic mid-90s NYC Hip Hop.