What does Peter Parker say to Gwen Stacy?

Gwen Stacy : What do you mean? Peter Parker : He’s dying, and he thinks the only thing that’s gonna save his life is my blood; Spider-Man’s blood. And as far as I know, if I give it to him, it could kill him.

What did Peter Parker say at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man?

For example, in No Way Home, Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker talks about fighting Rhino in his mechanical suit, but that seemingly doesn’t happen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 until after he says, “There’s no place like home.” However, Marvel is used to retconning its moments and lines.

Does Gwen’s dad survive?

Stacy sacrifices his life to save the child. Stacy’s death causes Gwen to develop a grief-stricken hatred for Spider-Man, which continues even after her father’s killer confessed.

Why did Peter say but those are the best kind?

“yeah but those are the best kind” meant that the most ” important” promises ,the ones you should keep are hard to keep. he actually accepted he can’t keep some promises..

What did Peter say to Gwen at the end of the movie?

But in The Amazing Spider-Man film, Captain Stacy’s dying words are reversed: “People will get hurt – sometimes the people closest to you. So I want you to promise me something, okay?

Does Gwen’s dad know Peter is Spider-Man?

Both how George Stacy discovers Peter’s identity was changed heavily from the comics. In the comics, he doesn’t actually say how he learnt that Peter was Spider-man (Peter just commenting “he’s always known”) but it was implied that he simply used his deductive skills and deduced it using his absences.

What is lizard plan?

As the Lizard, he formulated a plan to pour a variant of his serum into the swamps of the Florida Everglades, which would grant non-humanoid reptiles his level of intelligence, turning them into a reptilian army he could use to conquer the human race.

What was Gwen Stacy’s last words?

Furthermore, Gwen despises Spider-Man from this moment until her death, believing the wall-crawler killed her father. But in The Amazing Spider-Man film, Captain Stacy’s dying words are reversed: “People will get hurt – sometimes the people closest to you.

Did Gwen Stacy’s head hit the ground?

Update: Director Marc Webb has revealed that Gwen’s head hitting the ground was the intended cause of death: “The other thing I had to adjust: he webs her and, originally, she didn’t hit the ground. She just bounced and her neck was supposed to break.

Did Gwen actually know Peter’s name?

Trivia. Gwen is one of the few people to know Spider-Man’s true identity; the others being George Stacy, Curt Connors and Green Goblin. Ironically, in the comics until her death, Gwen never learned this, and died blaming Spider-Man for her father’s death.

Did Gwen know Peter’s name?

In the Clone Conspiracy storyline, a flashback revealed that Gwen Stacy was conscious during Spider-Man and Green Goblin’s battle on the bridge, and as she was falling to her death. She overheard their conversation and discovered Peter is Spider-Man in the process.