What is throughput NS2?

Throughput is the number of successfully received packets in a unit time and it is represented in bps. Throughput is calculated using awk script which processes the trace file and produces the result.

How do we increase the throughput in NS2?

Setup for a Mobile Ad Hoc Network model operating at a data rate of 10Mbps using NS2 with 100 nodes is as shown in Figure 5. When the number of nodes is increased to 100, the throughput in that case is increased. So, increasing the num- ber of users will increase the performance and throughput of the network.

What is NS2 packet size?

The default TCP packet size in ns-2 is 1000 bytes, so the bottleneck bandwidth is nominally 100 packets/sec or 0.1 packets/ms.

What is queue limit in NS2?

Each node uses a DropTail queue that has a maximum size of 10.

How do you calculate throughput?

What Is the Throughput Formula? The throughput efficiency formula can be calculated more than one way, but the general formula is I = R * T. In other words, Inventory = Rate multiplied by Time, where “rate” is the throughput. But if you solve for R, you would get R = I / T, or Rate = Inventory divided by Time.

How do you calculate Goodput?

Goodput can be calculated by dividing the size of a transmitted file by the time it takes to transfer the file. Since this calculation does not include the additional information that is transferred between systems, the goodput measurement will always be less than or equal to the throughput.

What is CBR traffic in NS2?

Constant bit rate [CBR] Ns2 is used along with TCP and UDP to design the traffic source behavior of packets. Traffic modeling is one of the major parameter in Ns2, which uses CBR along with transport protocols.

What is DropTail NS2?

DropTail is a traditional technique for managing the network node’s queue length by setting the maximum queue length for each queue, accepting incoming packets until the maximum length is reached. Incoming packets will be discarded until the queue size decreases [1].

What is CBR traffic in Ns2?

What is queuePos Ns2?

The queuePos or position of queue is defined as the angle of the queue line with horizontal. Examples for each attribute are given as following : $ns duplex-link-op orient right ;# orientation is set as right.

What is flush trace in Ns2?

This is a method to trace satellite links and write traces into . $ns_ flush-trace. This command flushes the trace buffer and is typically called before the simulation run ends. $ns_ get-nam-traceall. Returns the namtrace file descriptor stored as the Simulator instance variable called namtraceAllFile_.