What are Lanaset dyes?

A range of Wool dyes with a high level of fastness and almost identical dyeing properties. All colours are intermixable. Dyes are applied in hot water at pH 4.5, with a minimum of fibre damage. Lanaset® dyes are suitable for dyeing Wool, Silk and Polyamide (Nylon) fibres and their blends.

Is cationic dyeing safe?

Cationic dye is a relatively environmentally friendly and harmless dye in our lives, so many friends in life like to use it for dyeing.

Are basic dyes toxic?

The fact that basic dyes penetrate readily inside human cells makes it easier for them to have toxic or carcinogenic effects, even in smaller quantities.

Why basic dyes are also have been name cationic dyes?

Basic dyes are called cationic dyes because when salts of organic bases are ionized into the anionic and cationic parts that are time cation is responsible for color production.

How do you dye Lanaset?

Put the work into a moderately acid dyebath—raise the temperature slowly to a simmer—hold at 200° F for a while—and let the bath cool down slowly (30-45 minutes for each stage: warming, simmering, cooling). Rinse, and let dry. There is only one trick with the Lanasets: take-up stops if dyebath pH goes above 5.5.

What is Albegal set?

Albegal Set – Levelling agent used with Lanaset Dyes to optimize fibre & surface levelling. Promotes even exhaustion & excellent dye distribution. Lyogen NH- Levelling agent for dyeing with acid and metal complex dyes. Improves penetration and surface levelness of the dyeing.

What are examples of cationic dyes?

There are many types of cationic dyes such as azo dyes, triarylmethane dyes, anthraquinone dyes, and heterocyclic compounds. The commonly used is the cationic portion in the dyes having an onium group to form salt with hydrochloric acid (or sulfuric acid).

What is catatonic fabric?

Cationic cotton is cotton that has been chemically modified to possess a permanent cationic, or positive, charge.

What does Blue 1 Do to your body?

Blue 1 may not cause cancer, but confirmatory studies should be conducted. The dye can cause hypersensitivity reactions. Blue 2 cannot be considered safe given the statistically significant incidence of tu- mors, particularly brain gliomas, in male rats. It should not be used in foods.

What is the safest fabric to wear?

Healthy Fabrics To Choose

  • Cotton. Soft, light, and highly absorbent, cotton makes comfortable, classy, healthy fabrics for all ages.
  • Flax.
  • Hemp.
  • Silk.
  • Merino Wool.
  • Wool.
  • Polyester.
  • Satin.

Is methylene blue a cationic dye?

The Methylene Blue (MB) is a cationic dye, having a molecular formula of C16H18N3SCl and the corresponding molecular weight of 319.85 g/mol. The MB solutions at a concentration of 10 mg/L were prepared in distilled water.

Is methylene blue cationic or anionic?

cationic dye
Methylene Blue (MB) is a cationic dye which is strongly acidic at pH 2 and pH 3.5.

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