What are Cross pens worth?

The Classic Century: $37.79-$199.49 (The Classic Century has the most variations of style so its worth exploring all your options here). The Bailey: $46.19-$104.99. The Tech2: $36.74-$38.49. The Tech3+: $59.84-$68.19.

How much does a gold Cross pen cost?

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This item Cross Classic Century Classic Black Selectip Rollerball Pen with Gold-Plated Appointments Cross Beverly Pearlescent White Ballpoint Pen
Price $21999 $2550
Sold By Japan Explorer Amazon.com
Color 14KT Gold White
Item Dimensions 5.24 x 0.31 x 0.47 inches 5.28 x 0.43 x 0.63 inches

How much gold is in a gold Cross pen?

10 karat gold
Product Description. Ballpoint pen features a 10 karat gold filled/rolled gold finish on the cap and barrel. Engraved lines in the barrel ensure a comfortable grip.

Do Cross pens have gold in them?

Starting at $49.34, the medalist line of Cross pens are chrome plated barrels and caps with 23k gold filled rolled appointments.

How do you know if a pen is real gold?

Although pens for the US market did not have to have their precious metal content marked by law, solid gold pens and pen trim are almost always going to be marked – usually on each piece. Silver will generally be marked as well.

Is Cross pen a luxury brand?

The A.T. Cross Pens company has produced high-quality writing instruments since its founding in 1846, and it represents this century’s ideal in luxury pens—especially its line of different gold pens.

How do I know if my Cross pen is solid gold?

Are Cross pens good?

Cross used to be one of the best pen brands in the world but times have changed and brands such as Cross, Sheaffer, Waterman, and Parker just don’t have the reputation that they used to due to stiff competition from competing brands increasing quality and lowering price tags.

Is Cross a luxury pen?

Is Cross pen still in business?

After trading on the NASDAQ for five years (under the now-defunct symbol ATX), the company was sold in 2013 to Clarion Capital Partners, LLC, but it retained its headquarters in Lincoln, Rhode Island. The Sheaffer pen company was acquired by A.T. Cross in 2014.

How do you clean a gold Cross pen?


  1. Cleaning gold is easy. Just use warm soapy water and a soft cloth.
  2. Try to make sure that your gold pen does not come into contact with lotions, perfumes or moisture.
  3. As gold is a soft metal, make sure to store it in a pen case to avoid scratches and denting.