Is EMS fellowship competitive?

Although there are still more positions available than applicants, the fellowship application process may become more competitive over the next several years. The designation of EMS board certification has led to a surge in interest in fellowship training.

How long is EMS fellowship?

1 year
USC EMS fellowship is a 1 year fully accredited ACGME program. It gives you the opportunity to work with: Busiest Emergency Department in California.

What is ACGME accredited programs?

ACGME accreditation provides assurance that a Sponsoring Institution or program meets the quality standards (Institutional and Program Requirements) of the specialty or subspecialty practice(s) for which it prepares its graduates.

What is an ACGME fellowship?

The ACGME is a private, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization that sets standards for US graduate medical education (residency and fellowship) programs and the institutions that sponsors them, and renders accreditation decisions based on compliance with these standards.

Should I do EMS fellowship?

If you are drawn to prehospital medicine, we highly recommend considering a fellowship year. As the body of experience and knowledge of prehospital medicine grows, there is more and more information to know and more ways to impact a prehospital system.

How do I get ACGME accreditation?

ACGME accreditation of a new residency/fellowship program is based on published accreditation standards, and is accomplished through a peer review process. It uses an application document completed by the program, and in many specialties/subspecialties is preceded by a site visit of the proposed program.

What are the 6 ACGME core competencies?

Residency/Fellowship The Milestones are divided into the six Core Competencies of Patient Care, Medical Knowledge, Professionalism, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Practice-based Learning and Improvement, and Systems-based Practice.

Why should I join the ACGME?

We encourage you to learn more, ask questions, and get involved. The mission of the ACGME is to improve health care and population health by assessing and advancing the quality of resident physicians’ education through accreditation.

What is the ACGME awards program?

The ACGME Awards Program recognizes notable designated institutional officials, program directors, program coordinators, residents/fellows, and Sponsoring Institutions for their outstanding work and contributions to graduate medical education. Learn More CLER

What are the ACGME common program requirements?

The ACGME Common Program Requirements are in place to ensure that ACGME-accredited programs follow a basic set of standards (requirements) in training and preparing resident and fellow physicians.

Is registration open for the 2022 ACGME annual educational conference?

Registration is now open for the 2022 ACGME Annual Educational Conference March 30-April 1, 2022. REGISTER NOW Designated Institutional Officials Overview Institutional Review Committee Institutional Application and Requirements Institutional Self-Study Documents and Resources Review Committee Members and Staff