How many viewers does F1 average?

In 2019, before the pandemic paused global sports and pushed more American viewers to F1, the sport averaged 672,000 viewers on ESPN channels. In 2018, after ESPN returned the races to its lineup, F1 races averaged 554,000 viewers on the network.

What is the most viewed F1 race ever?

The 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix has become the most watched Formula One race on ESPN since 1995, reaching an average of 1.35 million US viewers.

Is F1 viewership declining?

F1 is no longer losing popularity, with viewership of the 2021 season up on that from 2020. Formula 1 viewership had been in a steep decline ever since 2008, when 600 million viewers tuned in worldwide. This declined until 2017 when viewership was at its lowest in the past decade at 352 million.

How many viewers does F1 have worldwide?

445 million viewers
Formula One (F1) racing global TV audience 2021 This statistic illustrates the number of Formula One (F1) racing TV viewers worldwide from 2008 to 2021. According to the source, the global audience for Formula One in 2021 stood at 445 million viewers, an increase of roughly three percent to the previous year.

How popular is F1 globally?

Is F1 Or The NFL More Popular? F1 is more popular than the NFL, as F1 has around 430 million fans around the world while the NFL has 410 million. F1 events also see higher viewership numbers per event, with the average in 2020 being 87.4 million. The NFL sees around 15 million viewers per televised event.

Which country watches the most F1?

The biggest market on this metric was China (70.8m unique viewers in 2021, +13% vs 2020), but there were also significant YoY gains in Spain (+272%), Russia (+129%), and the USA (+53%). Globally, the average audience per Grand Prix in 2021 was 70.3m.

Is F1 popularity rising?

Now it’s growing at an impossibly impressive rate, year-over-year, thanks to some combination of Netflix’s wildly entertaining Drive to Survive docuseries, ESPN’s presentation choices, and the appeal of the sport itself.

Why F1 is not so popular?

Here are some of the reasons that have slowed down the rise of popularity of f1 racing in the United States; Time difference between US and Europe. Lack of an American F1 driver. Past failures of the sport in United States.

Is F1 gaining popularity?

With the Miami Grand Prix making its debut later this week, Lewis Hamilton had his say on the sport’s growing appeal in the United States. Lewis Hamilton believes Formula One’s popularity in the United States is “booming” ahead of the inaugural Miami Grand Prix on Sunday.