What is a harvester in logging?

A harvester is a type of heavy forestry vehicle employed in cut-to-length logging operations for felling, delimbing and bucking trees. A forest harvester is typically employed together with a forwarder that hauls the logs to a roadside landing.

What does a firewood processor cost?

Should You Buy A Firewood Processor? A processor is generally purchased by someone looking to start a firewood business. The average starting cost of a machine is around $10,000 which is often more than the average home owner would like to invest.

What is the difference between a feller buncher and a harvester?

A feller buncher is essentially a less sophisticated harvester. This machine cuts down trees and groups them (a process known as “bunching”), but it doesn’t possess delimbing or bucking capabilities. As with the harvester, both tracked and wheeled feller buncher versions are available.

What is the difference between the harvester and the processor?

Re: Harvestor, Processor Head? Although the two terms are often used interchangeably they are not the same. A harvester head can process but a processing head cannot harvest. Harvesting heads will tilt upright and you can grab and fall standing trees and then process them.

How much does it cost to run a logmax machine?

$140,000 Logmax 7000 processor with 1000 original hours 4282 Original machine hours Machine run as excavator for 3200 hours. Run with a CSI directional saw for 500 hours Run with Logmax for 500 hours.

Where can I Sell my forestry equipment?

The website makes it simple for buyers to find the forestry equipment they need, whether browsing by category or manufacturer or searching for a specific piece of equipment. For sellers, ForestryTrader.com provides an intuitive platform for listing forestry equipment for sale, including detailed descriptions and photos.

What does a log Harvester do?

Processors and harvesters are the true workhorses of any forestry operation. They can cut down a tree, delimb it, and buck it, leaving cut-to-length logs ready to be loaded and hauled away.

How much does a firewood processor weigh?

Up for sale is a new Firewood processor Made by Halverson wood products that mounts on your skid steer or skid loader, This is the more affordable model made with over the counter parts! you can st… See More Details APPROX WEIGHT: 39,600 – 79,200 LBS. ATTACHMENT OPERATING WEIGHT: 5,100 LBS. MAX OPENING: 35.5″, HEIGHT: 99″, WIDTH: 57.5″.