How many British died at Ypres?

On that front during that period, British losses had amounted to more than 54,000 killed, wounded, and missing. The French lost at least 50,000 at Ypres, while the Belgians suffered more than 20,000 casualties at the Yser and Ypres.

Which British regiments fought at Ypres?

British Expeditionary Force (John French)

  • I Corps (Douglas Haig)
  • II Corps (Horace Smith-Dorrien)
  • III Corps (William Pulteney)
  • Royal Flying Corps (David Henderson)
  • Cavalry Corps (Edmund Allenby)
  • IV Corps (Henry Rawlinson)
  • Indian Corps (James Willcocks)

Why was Ypres important to Britain?

The defence of Ypres, or “Wipers”, was key to the British hold on this sector of the Western Front. The town was an important strategic landmark blocking the route for the Imperial German Army through to the French coastal ports.

What happened in the Battle of Ypres?

More than 6,500 Canadians were killed, wounded or captured in the Second Battle of Ypres. The Second Battle of Ypres was fought during the First World War from 22 April to 25 May 1915. It was the first major battle fought by Canadian troops in the Great War….Canada and the Second Battle of Ypres.

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What to do in Ypres on 11 November?

Ypres War Victims Monument. The Poppy Parade passes the Ypres War Victims Monument where wreaths are laid. The parade turns left at the corner of The Cloth Hall and makes its way along the south side of the market square, passing the Cloth Hall. The Market Square: Grote Markt The Grote Markt (market square) closed to vehicles on 11 November.

What is the significance of Ypres in WW1?

During the First World War, Ypres (or “Wipers” as it was commonly known by the British troops) was the centre of the Battles of Ypres between German and Allied forces. Excerpt from the chronicle of Ypres, with numerous legends and anecdotes. Written in the 18th century.

Is 11 November a public holiday in Belgium?

11 November is a public holiday in Belgium. A number of commemorative events are held in Ieper (Ypres) to mark the anniversary of Armistice Day on 11 November 1918. Armistice Day Events & Timings. Royal British Legion Flanders Field of Poppies.