How do I open Arma 3 Admin console?

Access. While playing a mission from the editor, the console is immediately available in pause menu. In the old 2D Editor map screen, you can open it by clicking the “Debug Console” button or with Ctrl + D.

How do you open the command menu in Arma 3?

Open the quick command menu [~]. This selects all your subordinate units. Press [Backspace] to open complex commands.

How do I open the Arma 3 config viewer?

Double clicking on a bookmarked class will take you to the config. When opening the Config Viewer the following entries will be added automatically: Config of the currently played unit. Config of the currently selected weapon.

Does Arma 3 have cheats?

Cheats offer various different functionalities which are not meant to be easily accessible. Use cheats with care! To enter a cheat press: LShift + NUM – and enter one of the cheat codes below. Capitalization does not matter.

How do I activate Zeus?

Accessing Zeus Press Y to toggle the Zeus interface. It can be available in these two forms: Free – Zeus is a soldier on the battlefield who can at any time open the interface to curate the scenario, but risks being killed. Forced – the interface is opened automatically and cannot be closed by pressing the key.

How do you use commands in Arma?

(one very small and easy to use is available at SysInternals website). You launch this debugger, then launch ARMA client, connect to the server, and issue any of the commands. Send to submitter what’s on server console….Admin.

Command Description
#unlock Unlocks the server, allows new clients to join.

How do you use high commands in Arma 3?

High command enables commanding squads in the same way that squad command works for subordinates. If you are allowed to take the role of a high commander, switch to High command using [Left Ctrl+Space]. Units are represented by NATO markers that vary according to group type and size.

Where is arma3 CFG?

user profile folder
cfg file is loaded located in the user profile folder. In this configuration file you should configure your server’s connectivity, mainly for performance tuning.

How many Keybinds does Arma 3 have?

So you have either 19 keybinds right there or in reality you have 9 if you don’t break them down.

How do I enable Zeus in Arma 3 campaign?

The Y key is how you always bring up Zeus. If you are using it for something else, re-key that function. Originally posted by dushka: The Y key is how you always bring up Zeus.

How to be good at Arma 3?


  • Hostile Water. Recover a classified device from a stricken British submarine.
  • Resist: Road’s End. The first chapter of Resist,a user campaign that runs parallel to Survive.
  • Operation Scar.
  • Revenge!
  • Clandestine Sunrise.
  • Sniper Alley.
  • Operation Hog Cove.
  • Hard to Peel.
  • On the Other Side.
  • How to cheat in ARMA 3?

    Zeus – Create anything you want!

  • Virtual Arsenal – Access any weapon,including modded weapons!
  • Virtual Garage – Access any Vehicle,including modded vehicles!
  • Infinite health – Walk through battles without getting hurt!
  • Teleport – Go where you want instantly!
  • Disable fatigue – No more getting tired!
  • Works in existing game saves – No need to start over!
  • How to make random spawn in ARMA 3?

    – Icons of Zeus placeables will turn grey when placed? – If module is deleted by another zeus while you’re in GUI and hit okay, module will run forever and can’t be stopped. – If you are host zeus messages are displayed twice.

    How to setup headless client on ARMA 3?

    Setup and Execution. Headless Client for ARMA 3 requires a valid active Steam account logged in to function (see Dwarden’s post) A Headless Client is simply Arma3.exe run from the command line with parameters, for example: