Which episode does Del Boy go hang gliding?

Tea for Three
In the episode, Del and Rodney find themselves battling for the affections of Trigger’s niece Lisa….Tea for Three.

“Tea for Three”
Only Fools and Horses episode
Del about to go hang gliding
Episode no. Series 5 Episode 4
Directed by Mandie Fletcher

What is the funniest Only Fools and Horses episode?

  1. Jolly Boys’ Outing. (Image: BBC)
  2. Time on Our Hands. Del Boy and Rodney celebrate becoming millionaires in their Reliant Robin three wheel van (Image: BBC)
  3. A Touch of Glass.
  4. Stage Fright.
  5. Yuppy Love.
  6. Mother Nature’s Son.
  7. The Unlucky Winner Is …
  8. Heroes and Villains.

What was the last ever Only Fools and Horses episode?

Time on Our HandsOnly Fools and Horses / Latest episode

In what order do you watch Only Fools and Horses?


  1. Series 1 (1981)
  2. Series 2 (1982)
  3. Series 3 (1983)
  4. Series 4 (1985)

Who played triggers niece?

Cowper also played Lucy Hacker, the daughter of Jim Hacker, in the BBC comedy series Yes Minister, although only in one episode. She featured in two episodes of Only Fools and Horses – “Tea for Three” and “The Frog’s Legacy” – as Trigger’s niece Lisa, and also appeared in Bachelor Father.

Where was Only Fools and Horses Tea For Three filmed?

Butser Hill
Filmed at Butser Hill in 1986, the episode from series five, entitled Tea For Three, sees the Trotter brothers competing for the affections of a young woman. Their efforts lead them to play tricks on each other, and Rodney persuades the woman to take Del Boy hang-gliding for his birthday.

Which Only Fools and Horses episode had the most views?

“Time on Our Hands” is an episode of the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses. First screened on 29 December 1996, it was the final episode of that year’s Christmas trilogy and the fifteenth Christmas special overall. It attracted a television audience of 24.3 million, a record for a British sitcom.

Why Did Only Fools and Horses stop?

Sullivan told the TV Times: “When we finished in 1996 we thought it was the end, but there was a lot of pressure to bring Only Fools back, and I think everyone missed the camaraderie of being part of what had become a family. “You never say never, but I can’t see us doing any more after these two episodes.”

How many series of Ofah are there?


Only Fools and Horses
No. of series 7
No. of episodes 64 (list of episodes)
Executive producers Ray Butt (1981–1987) Bernard Thompson (1981) Gareth Gwenlan (1988–1993, 1996, 2001–2003) John Sullivan (1991–2003)

Who played Renee in Only Fools and Horses?

Joan Sims
Whilst there, Trigger’s Aunt Reenie Turpin (Joan Sims) informs Del about a Peckham-based gentleman thief, Freddie “The Frog” Robdal, from the early 1960s.

What happened to del in hang gliding?

After offering to give her a left back home to Winchester, Del and Rodney head off to meet Lisa’s friends for a spot of hang-gliding. Not wanting to loose face, Del reluctantly agrees to try it out, and after launching himself into the air, he disappears for over 12 hours.

Why did del and Rodney go hang gliding with Lisa?

To get his revenge, Rodders picks up on the fact that Lisa mentions she was going hang-gliding, and as a surprise for his 46th birthday, he arranges for Del to have a go. After offering to give her a left back home to Winchester, Del and Rodney head off to meet Lisa’s friends for a spot of hang-gliding.

Who plays Del Boy in Del Boy?

Released on YouTube and Facebook, this short webcast shows John Challis in character as Boycie, with his wife, reading Del’s new autobiography. Released on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, David Jason reprises his role as Del Boy to wish the England national team good luck in their final two games of Euro 2020.

What happened to Jumbo Mills in Del Boy?

Del’s old business partner from the 1960s, Jumbo Mills, returns to the UK shores to strike a deal with Boycie, and ends up rubbing everyone up the wrong way in The Nag’s Head. Jumbo has made himself rich after leaving rainy London for Australia with Del Boy’s last £200.