Why is Ravager the best pet in TBC?

Ravagers are the best PvE pets for both leveling and damage output early on in TBC. They have strong DPS stats, but most importantly have the unique ability Gore, which is an incredibly strong focus dump. At Level 70, you will still use your Ravager to start.

What is the best hunter pet in TBC?

The best pure damage pet is a Ravager. Ravagers can learn both the Bite and Gore ability and have a high damage modifier of 1.10. One of the new Marksman talents added in TBC “Go for the Throat” gives your pet 50 focus whenever you crit.

What skills do you need to teach a pet TBC?

Pet Abilities from TBC Classic Trainers

  • Growl Your pet taunts the target, increasing the likelihood attacks will be directed at your pet.
  • Great Stamina – Increases your pets Stamina.
  • Natural Armor – Increases your pets Armor.
  • Arcane Resistance – Increases Arcane resistance.
  • Fire Resistance – Increases Fire resistance.

What abilities can a Ravager learn?


  • Ravager special ability: Ravage.
  • Ferocity specialization abilities: Primal Rage and Predator’s Thirst.

How do you get rank 9 bite TBC?

Bite 9: Pet Level 64, Cost 29 TP. Bite the enemy, causing 108 to 132 damage. Can be learned by taming: Dreadfang Widow (Spider, 64-65, Terokkar Forest)

What food do Ravagers eat TBC?

“Ravagers reproduce quickly and eat anything. Like crickets. They’re also homicidal and roughly the size of horses. Not like crickets.”

Should I teach my Ravager Cobra reflexes?

Cobra reflexes increases your pet’s dps no matter what spec you are, and it only costs 15 training points, so there’s no reason not to teach this to every pet you get no matter what your spec.

What do Ravagers eat TBC?

What do Ravager pets eat?

What do Ravagers eat?

In ARK: Survival Evolved, the Ravager eats Raw Mutton, Cooked Lamb Chop, Raw Prime Meat, Cooked Prime Meat, Cooked Meat, and Raw Meat.

What pet has Rank 9 Gore?

Pet – Boar
Class Pet Abilities

Name Level Skill
Gore Rank 9 63 Pet – Boar, Pet – Ravager
Bite Rank 9 64 Pet – Spider, Pet – Wolf, Pet – Cat, …
Blood Pact Rank 6 62
Claw Rank 9 64 Pet – Cat, Pet – Bear, Pet – Carrion Bird, …