Why is it called Banksman?

Origin. Late 16th century (in banksman (sense 2)): from bank in the sense ‘area surrounding the top of a shaft or the mouth of a pit’ + man.

What is a mine manager called?

Bottom – Floor or underlying surface of an underground excavation. Boss – Any member of the managerial ranks who is directly in charge of miners (e.g., “shift-boss,” “face-boss,” “fire-boss,” etc.).

What are coal miners called?

1. coal miner – someone who works in a coal mine. collier, pitman. miner, mineworker – laborer who works in a mine.

What is GOB in mining?

A gob pile is a pile built of accumulated spoil, the waste rock removed during coal mining. This waste material is typically composed of shale, as well as smaller quantities of carboniferous shale and various other residues.

When should a banksman be used?

You should only consider employing a banksman or signaller where there is no other way to control reversing risks. The employer whose premises are being used may need to consider providing a competent and authorised banksman and must make sure that the correct signals are used.

Why is a banksman important?

The main responsibility for a banksman is to assist LGV drivers to safely manoeuvre and reverse their HGV’s around a confined site or on public roads. One of the most important skills a banksman must have is effective communication skills.

What is mining Sirdar?

Sirdar (Colliery) assists Overman, Colliery in his work and supervises drilling, blasting, timbering, etc. Indents and collects material and other equipment near work-site. Directs and guides drilling and blasting operations ensuring observance of safety precautions.

What qualifications do I need to be a mine manager?

A potential candidate must be a holder of a blasting certificate of competency, meet the required number of practical mine shifts and other application requirements, before an application to become a candidate is made. The candidate can then apply to the Department of Mineral Resources to write examination.

Is coal mining a hard job?

Coal mining is dark, dirty, and dangerous work. It’s not for everyone — it’s for the few who love to descend into the bowels of the Earth to extract “black gold.” Even as they face the risk of mines collapsing, or catching on fire, or the long term health threats like black lung.

Are coal mines hot or cold?

Deep underground mines are “hot” work sites because of the heat from the rock itself. Ground water flowing through hot rock formations becomes hot and adds to the air temperature. Activities like drilling, blasting, and welding add to the heat load put on miners, on the surface and underground.

What is ramp in mining?

[′ramp ¦mīn·iŋ] (mining engineering) The development of moderately inclined accessways from the surface to mining levels for haulage of ore, materials, waste, workers, and equipment.

What is pull in mining?

In the second phase, once advance mining has been completed, pillars are removed “on the retreat.” Removing or “pulling” pillars begins far from the entrance and proceeds toward the entrance. As the pillars are removed, the mine collapses because nothing remains to support the roof and overburden.