Why does Kendra Wilkinson not talk to her mom?

“I didn’t know how to balance life,” Kendra explained. “Unfortunately, at that time, I took my attention away from my mom because I had to focus on my family.”

Why is Kendra a single mom?

“Not having Hank around hurts,” Kendra tells Life & Style. “Moving across the country by myself makes me think of my own mom who raised me and my brother alone. Hank’s not going to be there forever, but with him not physically here, I’m a single parent now.”

Who is Kendra Wilkinsons dad?

Eric W. WilkinsonKendra Wilkinson / Father

Does Kendra Wilkinson speak to her brother?

“I haven’t talked to my brother through these last two years,” Kendra says in an on-camera interview, “so it really sucks that I had to see my brother these last couple days when my grandmother was in the hospital. I do wish that me and my brother had a reunion under better circumstances.”

Did Kendra Wilkinsons mom write a book?

However, the book idea didn’t come into play until an April 2016 episode of Kendra on Top. On it, Patti revealed her decision to write a tell-all book — something Wilkinson-Baskett was not happy about then, and still isn’t now.

How old is Patti Wilkinson?

63 years (March 5, 1959)Patti Wilkinson / Age

What is Kendra doing in 2021?

Today recently reported that after a long break, the 36-year-old single mom is “returning to reality television.” She will star in the Discovery+ television series Kendra Sells Hollywood.

Is Kendra still married to Hank?

Kendra Wilkinson has been an open book when it comes to her dating life after her split from ex-husband Hank Baskett. The reality star announced in April 2018 that she filed for divorce from the former NFL player after nearly nine years of marriage. The pair share son Hank IV and daughter Alijah.

Does Kendra see her dad?

One relationship that appears to be on more than steady ground is Kendra’s bond with her father. Three years ago, the pair agreed to reunite and put the past behind them. Fast-forward to today and the former Girls Next Door star says he is “supporting me” and “loving me.”

Who is Kendra Wilkinson kids?

Alijah Mary Baskett
Hank Baskett IV
Kendra Wilkinson/Children

Did Kendra’s mom wrote a book?