Why did Mike Miller quit?

On June 3, 2020, Miller resigned to spend time with his family.

What does Mike Miller do now?

The Houston boys’ basketball team will enter the 2021-22 season without coach Mike Miller on the sideline. Miller, a former NBA player and Memphis Tigers assistant coach under Penny Hardaway, guided the Mustangs to a 21-3 record and the TSSAA Class AAA state championship in his only season with the team.

Why did Mike Miller leave Memphis?

Back in June, former NBA swingman Mike Miller resigned from his role as an assistant coach at the University of Memphis to spend time with his family.

How old is Mike Miller?

42 years (February 19, 1980)Mike Miller / Age

How much did Mike Miller make in the NBA?

$98.5 million
In the case of Mike Miller, he turned his 3-point shooting prowess into an incredibly lucrative NBA career. According to Spotrac, he earned $98.5 million across 17 seasons.

Why did Boogie Ellis leave Memphis?

Anecdotally at least, the top reasons players transfer is to play more, play in the NCAA Tournament and play closer to home — all three of which the Aztecs offer. “Thank you for taking a west coast kid and accepting me as one of your own,” Ellis posted on Twitter on Wednesday.

Where is Mason Miller going to college?

Creighton University
Mason Miller – 2021-22 – Men’s Basketball – Creighton University Athletics.

Where did Mike Miller go to college?

University of FloridaMike Miller / College

How much did Penny Hardaway make in the NBA?

Earnings: During his NBA career, Penny Hardaway earned $120 million in salary alone before taxes and lifestyle fees. He also earned approximately $20 million from various endorsements.

How good was Mike Miller?

In three seasons in Miami, he hit 41.2 percent of his attempts from 3-point territory while winning two championship rings. Following the 2016-17 season, Mike Miller retired with a career 3-point shooting percentage of 40.7. That mark, along with his 1,590 3-pointers made, ranks 27th in NBA history.

Where did Boogie Ellis go?

the University of Southern California
On March 31, 2021, Ellis entered the transfer portal. On April 12, he announced that he would transfer to the University of Southern California.