Who was in Clayhanger?

The cast includes Janet Suzman as Hilda Lessways, Peter McEnery as Edwin Clayhanger, Harry Andrews as Darius Clayhanger, Bruce Purchase as Big James and Denholm Elliott as Tertius Ingpen.

When was Clayhanger written?

The Clayhanger Family, trilogy of semiautobiographical novels by Arnold Bennett. The first and best-known book of the three is Clayhanger (1910); it was followed by Hilda Lessways (1911) and These Twain (1915). They were published together in 1925.

Is Clayhanger an island?

Clayhanger is locally infamous for being an island – you cannot get in or out without crossing water. The village historically was also subject to flooding, especially the old railway line.

Who wrote Clayhanger?

Arnold BennettThe Clayhanger Family Series / Author

What is Clayhanger series about?

A coming-of-age story set in the 19th century England about Edwin Clayhanger, a young man who wants to be an architect, but it is expected of him to continue the family’s printing business which he accepts for the time being. Yes, this was an excellent series, but got critically attacked at the time.

How many books are in the Clayhanger Family?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Clayhanger Family is a series of novels by Arnold Bennett, published between 1910 and 1918. Though the series is commonly referred to as a “trilogy”, and the first three novels were published in a single volume, as The Clayhanger Family, in 1925, there are actually four books.

When was the Clayhanger Family by Arnold Bennett published?

The Clayhanger Family is a series of novels by Arnold Bennett, published between 1910 and 1918.

Where is Clayhanger Street in Burslem?

Clayhanger Street in Burslem was named after the first novel in the series. It runs beside the Wedgwood Institute. Hilda Lessways, a television drama series, was transmitted by the BBC in 1959, with Judi Dench as Hilda. The first three novels were dramatised as a 26-part serial by ATV and broadcast on the British network ITV in 1976.