Who used the TB-303?

Using the 303 in new ways, DJ Pierre and Phuture pioneered what came to be known as acid. This new sound ignited other electronic music genres and, like the Roland TR-808’s influence on hip-hop, the TB-303 played an essential role in late ’80s-early ’90s rave culture.

What does Roland TB-303 do?

The Roland TB-303 Bass Line (also known as the 303) is a bass synthesizer released by Roland Corporation in 1981. Designed to simulate bass guitars, it was a commercial failure and was discontinued in 1984.

What does 303 mean in rap?

The second is that 303 is the area code for Denver, Colorado. Many rappers refer to places using their area code, hence, the usage of this slang. “I’m going back to the 303 to visit my grandma.” Lastly, 303 might be used to refer to one’s mother. If you rotate the 3s in 303, you get the word, mom.

Why was the Roland TB-303 Bassline a commercial failure when it was released in 1980?

Ironically, the TB-303 was almost immediately seen as a commercial failure due to its infamously convoluted and unintuitive programming workflow.

How do you pitch a sample in logic?

Change the pitch of an audio region in Logic Pro

  1. Select a region in the Tracks area.
  2. Click the Inspector button in the control bar, or press I on your keyboard.
  3. In the Inspector, if necessary click the disclosure triangle icon next to Region to view region parameters.
  4. Do either to transpose or fine-tune an audio region:

Why was the Roland TB 303 Bassline a commercial failure when it was released in 1980?

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