Who owns Pitt Race?

Jim and Kathy Stout
Pitt Race is owned by Jim and Kathy Stout, both Dodge Viper SRT racers, who have overseen a three-phase renovation program, which includes the new South Track, Pro Shop and more. Recent renovations also include a new Timing and Scoring building for the North Track.

Where is Pitt Race?

Pittsburgh International Race Complex (commonly known as Pitt Race) is an auto racing road course located in Wampum, Pennsylvania. Pitt Race hosts amateur and professional automobile, motorcycle, and karting events.

How long is Pitt Race Track?

2.78 miles
The North Track, originally opened in 2002, is 1.6 miles long and the South Track, which was added in 2011, covers 1.2 miles. Combined, the full course is 2.78 miles in length and features significant elevation changes, following the natural terrain that winds throughout the 427-acre property.

Does University of Pittsburgh have a track?

Facilities within the Field House used by Campus Recreation include a 200 meter indoor running track, 3 hardwood volleyball courts, 6 North American squash courts and a balcony area with multipurpose flooring lined for badminton.

Is Pitt track and field d1?

Varsity sports. † – Track and field includes both indoor and outdoor. †† – Women’s lacrosse to be added in 2021–22 season. The University of Pittsburgh sponsors in 19 varsity sports in NCAA Division I (Division I FBS for football), the highest competitive level of intercollegiate athletics in the United States.

How many drivers are there in 24 Hours of Lemons?

Yep — all 24 Hours of Lemons entries have at least two drivers and any number of crew members. Car racing takes a village.

How many drivers are in a lemons team?

Teams of at least four drivers compete for up to 24 hours in race-prepared cars with a price limit of no more than US$500 (not including safety equipment) for cars.