Who owns Hi-Lift?

The Bloomfield Manufacturing Company, established in 1895 by the late Philip John Harrah, is one of the oldest companies in the state of Indiana, and is the parent company to both the Hi-Lift Jack Company, and the Kant-Slam Company.

When was Hi-Lift Jack invented?

In 1905, the very first Hi-Lift Jack was produced except it wasn’t called that until much later. Originally, it was produced as the Automatic Combination Tool but was often called the Handyman or Sheepherder’s Jack. Since its invention, it has been used in several different applications.

Are high lift jacks safe?

They can lift your vehicle, clamp together broken parts, spread bent cage tubes, and even winch you out of situations that would otherwise leave you stranded. Hi-Lift jacks can also be dangerous with the potential to cause smashed fingers, missing teeth, and concussions.

How do I choose a Hi-Lift Jack?

The most common size for most off-roaders is the 48″. As a general guide, the 48″ is the most popular choice since it fits most 4WD’s. If your truck has a 5-6″ lift and tires bigger than 33″ then opt for the 60″.

Who is PJ Harrah?

P.J. Harrah Signature Edition Jack – Hi-Lift Jack Co. Born in 1864, Philip John Harrah (P.J.) was a great storyteller, played the violin for square dancers and was a devotee of Thomas A. Edison. He began his working career as a salesman of washing machines, then became a schoolteacher.

How much is the ARB jack?

The ARB Jack’s price of $995 will put it out of some 4X4er’s budgets, especially against the sub $99 specials for low-quality mechanical junk jacks. If safety and ease of use are important, the Jack will hit the mark.

How much can a 12 ton jack lift?

24000 lbs.
Product Overview This 12-Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack is constructed to be longer lasting and durable for tough for strenuous use. With a load rated capacity of 12-Ton, this bottle jack can lift up to 24000 lbs.

How do you use a hi lift jack?

Clear the vicinity of the vehicle of people and debris before you start to lower your vehicle.

  • If you’ve got it up on blocks or jacks,first follow the above instructions to lift the vehicle until the weight is back on the jack.
  • With the handle pinned to the I-beam,push the reversing lever down into the lowering position.
  • How to install a hi lift jack?

    Wrenches – 3/8″ and 5/16″

  • Power Drill
  • Drill Bits – 1/8″ and 5/16″
  • Center Punch
  • Do I need a hi-lift jack?

    100% yes . Just like any other piece of recovery equipment, Hi-Lift Jacks need to be respected and used with caution. Unlike other pieces of recovery gear, some people seem to think that Hi-Lifts are so dangerous that you shouldn’t even use them.

    Do I need a high lift jack?

    Lift height has nothing to do with how tall the jack must be in order to change tires since you lift the tire off the ground by jacking from underneath the axle. Rarely will you ever even need a Hi-Lift. In the past 8 years, I have used my Hi-Lift exactly twice and neither time did I really need to.