Who makes j22 sailboat?

Tillotson Pearson

Location United States
Year 1983
Builder(s) Tillotson Pearson for J Boats Waterline Systems
Role One-design racer

How many people sail j22?

What is the ideal J/22 crew size? You can sail with three people or four. The weight limit is 605 pounds, and it pays to be right on the limit.

How much does a J24 cost?

If you decide you want to buy a new J/24 rather than investigating the used market, here’s an idea of how much it will cost. First, you’ll need the boat. A standard J/24 FOB the Tillotson Pearson factory in Warren will cost $25,320. There are a few options.

How much does a j70 cost?

$46,000 to $49,000
Note: The J/70 is built by C&C Fiberglass Components, Bristol, R.I. The “as sailed” price was quoted at the time of testing. This was introductory fleet pricing. J/Boats president Jeff Johnstone informs us as of 12/21/12 the price is “$46,000 to $49,000 FOB RI, depending on sails, trailer, and outboard.”

How much does a 22 foot sailboat weigh?

Catalina 22

Boat weight 2,490 lb (1,129 kg)
Draft 5.00 ft (1.52 m) with swing keel down
Type Monohull

What is AJ class sailboat?

A J-Class yacht (sometimes called a “J-boat”) is a single-masted racing yacht built to the specifications of Nathanael Herreshoff’s Universal Rule. The J-Class are considered the peak racers of the era when the Universal Rule determined eligibility in the America’s Cup.

What is a daysailer sailboat?

A daysailer, day sailer, or dayboat is a small sailboat with or without sleeping accommodations but which is larger than a dinghy. Dayboats can be monohull or multihull, and are typically trailer-able.

How long is a j24?

24.0 ft

LOA 7.32 m (24.0 ft)
LWL 6.10 m (20.0 ft)
Beam 2.71 m (8 ft 11 in)
Hull appendages

How much does a j70 weigh?

The J/70 weighs 1750 pounds (794 kilos), so it’s easy to tow on a trailer. Stepping the mast and rigging up to launch can take an hour or less, once your crew has learned the routine.

How big is a j70 boat?

22.7 ft
J/70 is a trailerable, 6.93-metre (22.7 ft) American sailboat class designed by Alan Johnstone and first built in 2012.