Who makes cat CT660?

Caterpillar launched its vocational truck line in 2011 with the Cat CT660. Like all the Cat trucks until now, it is designed by Caterpillar but powered and manufactured by Navistar for North America. It is a set-back-front-axle or Class 8 truck measuring 116-in. or 122-in. bumper to back of cab.

What is a cat transmission?

Cat transmissions for the oil and gas industry are used in numerous well service and drilling applications.Cat transmissions are proven in the oil and gas industry and widely known for their exceptional power, leading durability, ease of operation, and shifting options.

What engine is in a cat CT660?

The CAT CT660 is powered by Cat’s CT11 (330-390 hp) and CT13 (410-470 hp) engines. The engines feature a Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) block that saves up to 500 pounds of weight compared to conventional units.

Why did Cat stop making dump trucks?

Industrial equipment maker to cut 70 jobs in connection with move. Caterpillar Inc. said it would discontinue production of its on-road dump trucks as the company faces slumping demand for commercial trucks and construction equipment.

How much does a cat ct660 weigh?

1088 lb494

Maximum Gross Input Power —550 HP410 kW
Clutches Electro-hydraulic fully modulated, oil cooled, multidisc
Maximum Input Speed 2500 rpm
Length —35.3 in896 mm
Overall Weight – With Retarder Option —1088 lb494 kg

WHAT IS A to-4 oil?

Performance Plus Heavy Duty TO-4 Fluids are premium quality transmission, final drive and hydraulic oils designed to deliver higher frictional characteristics as they are formulated to meet the specific frictional characteristics of Caterpillar and Allison Powershift Transmissions.

What means CVT?

Continuously Variable Transmission
A Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) does not make use of gears like a basic automatic transmission. Rather, it uses 2 pulleys linked by a belt. It’s a bit like a snowmobile transmission: One pulley connects to the engine, the other one links to the transmission. The belt transfers the power between them.

How much does a cat CT660 weigh?

What engine is in a Cat truck?

The new Cat CT15 engine joins the CT11 and CT13 as the third engine option for the Cat CT660 vocational truck. The 15-liter engine is available with as much as 550 HP and 1,850 ft. -lb. of torque, which the maker said will power the Class 8 truck through heavy-hauling jobs and demanding terrain.

What is to-4 transmission fluid?

TO-4 Fluids are specifically formulated SAE 10, SAE 30 and 50 oils designed to meet Caterpillar’s latest Transmission and Drive Train Lubricant specification. TO-4 supersedes and replaces Caterpillar TO-2 requirements.

What kind of oil goes in a final drive?

Gear oil
Gear oil is a special type of highly viscous lubricant that is well adapted for use in differentials and transmissions, including final drives. Gear oil, also referred to as gear lube, is the lubricant for the planetary side of a final drive.

What kind of transmission does Cat CT660 have?

To be able to deal with a wide range of heavy duty vocational applications the truck is also offered with a rear power take off system which sends power from the engine directly to the requested attachments. The CAT CT660 is equipped with a 6 speed CX31 automatic transmission which was already highly tested in different vocational applications.

Is the CT660 a good choice for construction?

Caterpillar has already a solid experience in building construction equipment and despite the fact that many people still consider its new model just an International with a new hood and another badge, the CT660 is able to make a compelling case for itself.

What are the specs of a 2012 Cat CT660?


How many miles does a 2014 Caterpillar ct660l have?

Great local trade! 2014 caterpillar ct660L with LOW MILES 97,927 miles. 475hp cat with 18sp,cold a/c,heat,power locks and windows. 20ft bed,roll over tarp, 3 drops,double frame,very nice truck low miles