Who is the winner of five medals at 2000 Sydney Olympics?

Memorable Champions Steven Redgrave gained sporting immortality by becoming the first rower to win gold medals at five consecutive Olympic Games.

Who read the athletes oath at the Sydney 2000 Olympics?

Triple hockey gold medallist Rechelle Hawkes took the athletes’ oath exactly 20-years-ago and described the experience as “humbling”.

Which new event was introduced at the 2000 Sydney Olympics?

Several events were contested at the Olympics for the first time in 2000, including men’s and women’s tae kwon do, trampoline, triathlon, and synchronized diving. Other new women’s events included weightlifting, modern pentathlon, and pole vault.

Which country was excluded from the 2000 Sydney Olympics?

1988 Barcelona: the ban on South Africa due to their apartheid regime continued. 2000 Sydney: Afghanistan was banned from the Olympics due to its discrimination against women under Taliban rule as well as its prohibition of sports of any kind.

Which country won most medals in Olympics 2000?

The United States
The United States won the most medals overall with 93, as well as the most gold (37) medals. Host nation Australia finished the Games with 58 medals overall (16 gold, 25 silver, and 17 bronze).

Who gave the Olympic motto?

The original motto, expressed in Latin as “Citius, Altius, Fortius,” was inspired by a friend of Baron Pierre de Coubertin. Father Henri Didon devised it as a means to encourage his pupils at a sporting event.

Who designed the Sydney Olympic logo?

The logo for the Sydney Olympics was the brainchild of Aussie architect and designer Michael Bryce. The design took inspiration from the Sydney Opera House and Aboriginal boomerangs to form a stunning piece of art.

Was India ever banned from Olympics?

On 11 February 2014, the International Olympic Committee revoked the ban enforced on Indian Olympic Association. As a result, India returned to the Olympic fold after 14-months.