Who is the girl that sings let it go?

Idina MenzelLet It Go / ArtistIdina Kim Menzel is an American actress and singer, particularly known for her work in musicals on the Broadway stage. Wikipedia

Who is the girl singing frozen?

Idina Menzel, who voiced Elsa, the character who sings “Let it Go” in “Frozen,” shared the video on Twitter and wrote: “We see you. We really, really see you.” She also shared blue and yellow heart emojis, the colors of Ukraine’s flag.

Who sang let it go in Ukrainian?

Amellia Anisovych
The Ukrainian girl who sang ‘Let It Go’ in a bomb shelter performed her country’s national anthem in Poland. Amellia Anisovych, a refugee from Ukraine, sang the Ukrainian national anthem at a benefit concert in Łódź, Poland.

What happened to Ukraine girl singing frozen?

The seven-year-old was filmed performing the song from Disney film, Frozen, while sheltering from a Russian attack and the video, originally posted on Facebook, has since garnered millions of views. Amelia is now in Poland with her grandmother and siblings after fleeing Ukraine amidst the country’s ongoing war.

What happened to the Ukrainian girl who sang Let It Go?

“She really does sing from morning till night.” The little girl whose performance of “Let It Go” to the crowd huddled in a bomb shelter in Kyiv captured the spirit of persistent hope in Ukraine is now safe in Poland with her grandmother, the BBC reports.

What happened to the Ukrainian girl who sang frozen?

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Who is Idina Menzel husband?

Aaron Lohrm. 2017
Taye Diggsm. 2003–2014
Idina Menzel/Husband