Who is the artist Annie Lee?

Annie Frances Lee (3 March 1935 – 24 November 2014) was an American artist. She is known for her depiction of African-American everyday life. Her work is characterized by images without facial features. She used body language to show emotion and expression in her work.

What does Blue Monday painting mean?

Description. A popular and timeless open edition work of art by the late master artist Annie Lee that depicts an African American woman rising on a Monday morning tired but ready to keep on keepin’ on.

Is Annie Lee artist still alive?

November 24, 2014Annie Lee / Date of death

Who painted blue Monday?

artist Annie Lee
Besieged by women’s requests for works by painter Annie Lee in the late 1990s, Hammond, Ind.

Where is Annie Lee?

Although she regularly received requests for public appearances, Lee preferred to appear at gallery shows; she also enjoyed visiting schools to encourage and inspire students. She passed away on November 14, 2014, at the age of 79.

When was Blue Monday made?

“Blue Monday” is a song performed by English rock band New Order. It was released as a 12-inch single on 7 March 1983 through Factory Records. The song appeared on certain cassette and CD versions of the band’s second studio album, Power, Corruption & Lies (1983).

What kind of paint did Annie Lee use?

acrylic paints
Living in such close proximity to her art caused new challenges for Lee. She developed tendinitis and spinal problems from painting so much. Even worse, the fumes from the acrylic paints she used made her sick. Despite these problems, she continued to paint, having her first gallery show in 1985.

What is the most depressing day of the year 2021?

Taking place on the third Monday of January – which this year falls on January 18 2021 – Blue Monday is supposedly the saddest day of the year, due to a combination of bad weather, long nights and the lingering aftermath of the festive glut. The idea of Blue Monday was first conceived by Dr.

What is the biggest selling 12 inch single of all time?

Blue Monday
On March 7th, 1983, New Order pioneered dance music with the release of the best selling 12 inch single of all time—”Blue Monday”, whose initial run sold over 700,000 copies. The song (now used to name the depressing 3rd Monday of January) is perhaps the most acclaimed and even influential synth-pop track of all time.

How do I survive Blue Monday?

9 ways to survive Blue Monday

  1. Eat Chocolate. In a recent survey 36% of people said chocolate was their favourite food to make them feel better.
  2. Eat well.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Listen to music.
  5. Watch viral videos.
  6. Wear bright clothes.
  7. Be kind.
  8. Plan a holiday or a day out.

What month is the most depressing?

Blue Monday is the name given to a day in January (typically the third Monday of the month) said by a UK travel company, Sky Travel, to be the most depressing day of the year. The concept was first published in a 2005 press release from the company, which claimed to have calculated the date using an “equation”.

What song has made the most money ever?

Estimated earnings: $50 million Fast forward 120 years and “Happy Birthday” is by far the richest and most profitable song of all time. The Ownership of “Happy Birthday” has changed hands a few times in the last 100 years. Music holding company Warner Chappell bought the rights for $15 million in 1990.