Who is Prabhu Devas father?

Mugur SundarPrabhu Deva / FatherMugur Sundar is a dance choreographer in South Indian cinema. Wikipedia

Who is Prabhu Devas wife?

RamlathPrabhu Deva / Wife (m. 1995–2011)

Who is the son of Prabhu Deva?

Basavaraju SundaramPrabhu Deva / Son

Is Prabhu Deva married?

RamlathPrabhu Deva / Spouse (m. 1995–2011)

Who is Prabhu Deva brother?

Raju Sundaram
Nagendra Prasad
Prabhu Deva/Brothers

How old is Prabhu Deva?

49 years (April 3, 1973)Prabhu Deva / Age

How old is Raju Sundaram?

53 years (September 6, 1968)Raju Sundaram / Age

Who is Vijay’s father?

S. A. ChandrasekharVijay / Father

Who is Nayanthara husband?

Personal life. Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan have been in a relationship ever since they worked together on Naanum Rowdy Dhaan in 2015, and are engaged. She was brought up as a Christian. On 7 August 2011, she embraced Hinduism at the Arya Samaj Temple in Chennai.

Who is elder Prabhu Deva or Raju Sundaram?

Raju Sundaram is a Kollywood cine artist who acts, directs, and choreographs dance for films. He is the eldest son of dance master Mugur Sundar, and elder brother to Prabhu Deva and Nagendra Prasad. His first directorial venture was Aegan.

What is the title of Prabhu?

Prabhu means master or the Prince in Sanskrit and many of the Indian languages; it is a name sometimes applied to God. The term is also used by devotees of the Hindu God Lord Krishna/Vishnu as a title and form of address. It is also appended after a devotee’s name, for example “Madhava Prabhu”.

Who is Prabhu Deva?

Prabhu Deva (born 3 April 1973) is an Indian dance choreographer, film director, producer and actor, who has worked in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada films. In a career spanning 25 years, he has performed and designed a wide range of dancing styles and has garnered two National Film Awards for Best Choreography.

Who is Prabhu Deva’s mother Mahadevamma?

Prabhu Deva’s mother Mahadevamma is from the village of Doora, about 17 kilometres (11 mi) from Mysore. He owns property in Doora, and has developed a farm there. In May 2020, amid the COVID-19 lockdown in India, Deva married Himani, a Mumbai based physiotherapist.

Did Prabhu Deva marry Ramlath?

Prabhu Deva married Ramlath, who later changed her name to Latha. They had three children]

What is the first time Prabhu Deva performed on stage?

Prabhu performed live on stage first time at the age of 11. When he was 16, he choreographed the ace actor Kamal Haasan in Vetri Vizha (1989). I owe a lot to Prabhu Deva because he was the brain behind my dance numbers which were very popular with the masses.