Who is on the ACDC Highway to Hell album cover?

The album’s cover was indeed shocking, featuring a sculpture made by singer Perry Farrell of two nude conjoined women sitting on a bench with the top of their heads on fire. When major outlets refused to carry the record, the band and label conceded by releasing the album wrapped in brown paper.

Who is the lead singer of ACDC?

Brian JohnsonAC/DC / Lead singer

What was ACDC first album?

1976-12-18 A Giant Doze Of Rock `N´ Roll: Festival Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaAC/DC / First album

What album is ACDC highway to Hell?

Highway to Hell is the fifth international studio album by australian rock band AC/DC.It was released in July 1979. The album has been certified 7x Platinum for selling more than 7 million copies. The magazine Rolling Stone included the album in their list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

Which ACDC album has highway to Hell?

Nick Harmer, bassist with alternative rockers Death Cab For Cutie, explains why Highway To Hell is the best AC/DC album Growing up as a kid in America, there’d be an AC/DC song being played at any sporting event that you would go to. They were always the soundtrack for some kind of something.

What are the best AC DC songs?

Thunderstruck. Introduced by an electrifying Angus Young riff – he said recently that he’ll retire when he can no longer play it – comprised of hammer-on and pull-off fingering

  • Whole Lotta Rosie. When Classic Rock ’s Geoff Barton launched a new heavy metal magazine in 1981 – named,of course,Kerrang!
  • Highway to Hell.
  • You Shook Me All Night Long.
  • How many albums does ACDC have?

    The following is a list of songs known to have been recorded by AC/DC. Since 1974 they have released 16 studio albums (14 available worldwide and 2 released only in Australia), 2 soundtrack albums, 4 live albums, 11 video albums, and 2 box set albums.