Who is a 7 star coder CodeChef?

This week’s guest on Weekend With Champions is Chinmay Pani, a 7-Star coder on CodeChef currently working as an Analyst at Goldman Sachs. Having worked as a SDE intern at Amazon, Chinmay credits competitive programming to be one of the biggest reasons for his success.

How much CodeChef pays for problem setting?

$35 : $35 : $50 : $100 : $200 : $175 for each Cakewalk, Simple, Easy, Medium, Hard, Challenge problem respectively. We pay 50% of the total compensation in advance….Sample Schedule.

CodeChef Call for Problems Email January 15th
Problems Selected and Testing starts February 5th
Problem Testing Ends February 25th

Is CodeChef an Indian company?

CodeChef was started in 2009 as an educational initiative for the programming community by Directi, an Indian software products company. Today, CodeChef is one of the world’s largest and popular global competitive programming platforms preferred by student & professional programmers.

Is CodeChef cookoff rated?

I thought that the contest will go unrated so I left the contest in between. The next day I got to know that It was made rated.

How do you get 1 star in CodeChef?

How to proceed with Self-learning?

  1. Step-1: Try solving the problems listed below sequentially.
  2. Step-2: In case you are stuck, you can refer to Video-Editorials on each problem (Top-right).
  3. Step-3: Practice these problems and participate in multiple rated contests.

What rank is good in CodeChef?

A ranking is good if for any 1≤i.

What is total penalty in CodeChef?

In case of a tie, the rankings will be determined by ‘Total Penalty’, which is the sum of the total time elapsed when you submitted the correct submission plus a penalty of ‘X’ minutes for every rejected submission (Wrong answer, Time limit exceeded, Runtime Error) for a problem you solved.

How do I become a CodeChef problem setter?

If you would like to become a Problem Setter or a Problem Tester for Codechef, write an email to [email protected] . Further details on what the email should contain and on the entire process are available in the ‘How to get Started’ section at the bottom of the Problem Setting page here.

Who is owner of CodeChef?

Bhavin Turakhia
Bhavin Turakhia Bhavin was Directi’s founding CEO, and is responsible for the exponential growth of Directi from a startup in 1998 to a global web products company with over 6 businesses, 20+ products, 500+ employees and millions of global customers.

Did Directi sell CodeChef?

I 2018, the organization launched CodeChef for Business to target technology enterprises. In 2020, its ownership was changed from Directi (founded by Bhavin Turakhia) to Unacademy (Gaurav Munjal, CEO).

Is there penalty in CodeChef?

You will be ranked only on the basis of the score that you get. The score is the total number of points that you get in a contest. There are no penalties, so you can submit solutions as many times as you want.

How good is 4 star on CodeChef?

Transitioning from 3 star to 4 star (rating=1800) is challenging, and hence many coders do not pursue further.