Who did Geelong lose to in 2008 in the normal season?

Geelong were defeated in the 2008 AFL Grand Final by Hawthorn in front of an attendance of 100,012 people. Despite having numerous chances in the first half of the game, and dominating through the midfield, the Cats failed to convert and were defeated by the Hawks.

What is the longest drought in AFL history?

Longest premiership droughts

Club Seasons Grand final appearances during drought
Melbourne 57 1988, 2000
St Kilda 55 1971, 1997, 2009, 2010
Fitzroy 52
North Melbourne 51 1950, 1974

How much did Geelong win by in the 2007 grand final?

119 points
The match ended with Geelong winning by the score of 24.19 (163) to 6.8 (44), recording the greatest winning margin in AFL grand final history, 119 points.

When did Geelong last miss finals?

After finishing tenth on the ladder in 2015, Geelong failed to qualify for the finals series; it was the first time the club had not played in the finals since the 2006 season.

Which AFL club is the oldest?

Melbourne Football Club What is this? The Melbourne Football Club is the oldest football club in Australia and is one of the founding clubs of the Australian Football League.

Which NRL team has gone the longest without a premiership?

Years since last Premiership: NOTE – NZ Warriors (23 years) and Gold Coast Titans (11 years) have never won a Premiership.

What AFL team has won the most wooden spoons?

St Kilda
Gold Coast and GSW join St Kilda and Hawthorn as the only clubs to have been awarded the wooden spoon in their inaugural season. St Kilda have won the most wooden spoons, more than double any other team.

What is the biggest winning margin in AFL history?

Sunday, May 3rd, 1992. The end result, a major slice of AFL history – Geelong broke Fitzroy’s 1979 record (36.22-238) for the highest score in VFL/AFL history.

When was the last time Geelong didn’t make finals?

Who played in the 2008 grand final?

The 2008 Grand Final was the first Grand Final played in daylight since the introduction of the night Grand Final in 2001. The two teams had previously played in the 2007 NRL Grand Final, with Melbourne winning 34-8….2008 NRL Grand Final.

Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles Melbourne Storm
40 0

Who won 2009 AFL Grand Final?

Geelong Football Club2009 AFL Grand Final / Champion