Who counters PL dota2?


  • Both Aeon Disk and.
  • Battle Fury’s cleave damage helps destroy Phantom Lancer’s illusions.
  • Heaven’s Halberd prevents Phantom Lancer from proccing Juxtapose places an undispellable debuff which helps identify the real Phantom Lancer.

How do you destroy PL?

  1. PL is a strong hero even without his illusions.
  2. As an auto-attacker, you need items to gain or boost your AoE damage: Battle Fury and Maelstrom are the obvious choices.
  3. Radiance and Shiva’s guard are reliable choices for AoE magic damage.

How do you counter PL in late game?

what counters a late game PL? Axe with a battlefury. The best counter I’ve found for a farmed PL is AOE damage to clear out his illusions and identify the one you really need to kill. Omniknight is another decent choice.

Can Phantom Assassin counter anti mage?

Phantom Assassin is one of the best carries to counter Anti-Mage. PA can kill AM with her burst physical damage, and chase with Phantom Strike if he tries to blink away.

What hero can counter Magnus?


Hero Dis. Hero Win Rate
Troll Warlord 0.83% 46.12%
Wraith King 0.82% 44.14%
Clinkz 0.74% 45.08%
Omniknight 0.70% 43.03%

Why does rubick counter Magnus?

Counter pick Magnus – Rubick Not only will Magnus be extremely uncomfortable on the line with Fade Bolt, but he can also kill him in the early stages of the game. The most important advantage is the ultimate ability of Rubick. He can steal Reverse Polarity and replay the outcome of the fight.

Does AXE counter Troll Warlord?

Good against… Whirling Axes (Melee) provides a 60% miss chance, preventing Anti-Mage from burning Troll Warlord’s small mana pool.

How do you counter Lycan?

Heaven’s Halberd is a good counter to attacks, on which Lycan heavily relies. Blade Mail’s return damage might cause Lycan to stop attacking his victim. If not, Lycan will take loads of returned damage. Ethereal Blade prevents the user from taking physical damage.

How to counter pl in Dota 2?

:: Dota 2 General Discussions HOW TO COUNTER PL? HOW TO COUNTER PL? SO MANY ILLUSIONS I CANT EVEN KILL HIM WITH JUST 4 PACK HOW TO COUNTER HIM? There are many earths but one Earthshaker. Axe in early and mid does also pretty well against PL. Jump him and his illusions, spin him to death. Meepo.

How do you counter pl?

I heard Veil of Discord can be used to counter him just cast it over and it should make the real PL shine purple, just make sure that you do it after his Doppelganger is done. Not sure if it works once again. Meepo. hahahaha that our counter for everything.

How do you counter Phantom Lancer in Dota 2?

Puck possesses a perfect skill set to counter Phantom Lancer. Two AoE nukes: Illusory Orb and Waning Rift. They work particularly well in the early and mid game. The latter also applies a 3-seconds silence, forbidding an escape with Doppelganger. Phase Shift to dodge Spirit Lance, if used at the right time.