Who builds LCS freedom?

Lockheed Martin
On 1 April 2015, the Navy awarded LCS-21 to Lockheed Martin. On 1 April 2016, the Navy awarded a contract to Lockheed Martin for LCS-25, the 13th of the Freedom-class ships.

Where are LCS built?

Mobile, Alabama shipyard
Currently, Independence variant LCS (LCS 6 and subsequent even-numbered hulls) are constructed by Austal USA in the company’s Mobile, Alabama shipyard.

How many LCS Independence ships are there?

nine ships
As of May 2019, nine ships have been commissioned.

How much does a LCS ship cost?

roughly $500-million-
The swappable modules proved so finicky that the Navy gave up on ever installing more than one different module in any given LCS. Perhaps worst of all, to keep down the roughly $500-million-per-ship cost of the hulls, the Navy chose to arm them only with light weaponry—guns and short-range self-defense missiles.

Who makes LCS?

Lockheed Martin proposed the Freedom-class of littoral combat ship based on a semi-planing mono-hull design. Lockheed Martin received a contract for the first Freedom-class ship, LCS-1, in December 2004. The keel for USS Freedom (LCS-1) was laid in June 2005 at the Marinette Marine shipyard in Wisconsin.

How many LCS does the U.S. Navy have?

The Navy has two LCS squadrons: LCS Squadron 1 in San Diego with the Independence hulls, and LCS Squadron 2 in Mayport, Fla., with the Freedom hulls.

How much does an Independence Class LCS cost?

Independence-class littoral combat ship

Class overview
Cost $360 million
Built 2008-Present
In commission 2010-Present
Planned 19

What is the Freedom Ship Project?

The Freedom Ship project envisioned an integrated city 1,800 metres (5,900 ft) long with condominium housing for 80,000 people, a hospital, school system, hotel, casino, commercial and office occupancies, duty-free shopping and other facilities, large enough to require rapid transit.

How to contact Freedom Ship International (FSI)?

Peter Z. Banas, President/FSI has referenced that Freedom Ship International is most receptive to dialog with any and all interested parties and or entities. Please kindly contact FSI at: [email protected] or [email protected]

How much did it cost to build the Freedom Ship?

Freedom Ship International initially estimated the net cost for construction to be US$6 billion in 1999. However, by 2002, estimates had risen to US$11 billion. A July 2008 press release explained the difficulty of obtaining reliable financial backing.

Why choose freedom ship’s CEC financing?

Freedom Ship’s CEC financing may avail interested suppliers/partners with not only an exceptional global platform to showcase their respective products and or services, but in addition, it can result in a debt free completed mega project.