Which Ivy League has the most attractive students?

the University of Pennsylvania

Which university is the most beautiful?

20 most beautiful universities in the worldUniversity of Heidelberg (Germany) University of Rostock (Germany) McGill University Montreal (Canada) College de Valleyfield (Canada) Tsinghua University, Beijing (China) University of Aarhus (Denmark) University of Salamanca (Spain) Harvard University, Cambridge MA (USA)

Is Yale an elitist?

There is no doubt that Yale, like other Ivy Leagues and top universities in the U.S., is an elite institution, not just in terms of intellectual elitism, but in the class makeup of its students. On the other, the elite can refer to the very rich traditional elite: inherited privilege and wealth.

Are Yale students snobby?

Like most Ivy League schools, the stereotype of a Yale student is probably a wealthy snooty preppy brat more than anything. I was shocked to see how middle class the average student is too. Victor. Yale kids are often seen as rich snobby kids who got in with their parents money.