Which is more accurate 7mm Rem Mag vs 300 Win Mag?

300 Win Mag has a 5-8% advantage in capacity over the 7mm Rem Mag due to its shoulder placement and longer case length. As you’d expect from the fact that the two cartridges are very close in overall size, the ballistics of the 7mm Rem Mag and . 300 Win Mag are also pretty similar.

Is 7mm better than 30 caliber?

Litz concludes that the heavy 7mm bullets are a better choice than the biggest 30-calibers (except in unlimited weight “heavy guns” where recoil is not a factor.) Bryan writes: “Even a moderate 7mm chambering is capable of delivering 2800 to 3000 fps with the heavy 7mm bullets, much faster with magnums.

Is a 300 Win Mag that much better than 30-06?

300 Win Mag has over 35% more case capacity than the 30-06, allowing for larger powder charges and higher velocity that lends itself to long-range shooting. As far as pressure, the . 300 Win Mag is capable of handling over 3,000 psi more pressure than the 30-06.

What is a 7mm rifle equivalent to?

The 7mm Remington Magnum is based on the commercial . 264 Winchester Magnum, . 338 Winchester Magnum, and . 458 Winchester Magnum, which were based on the same belted .

What is a 7mm comparable to?

With comparable bullet weights, the 7mm Mag. will supersede the velocities of the . 30-06 Springfield; though the ’06 can use heavier bullets, the 7mm of equal weight will offer a better Sectional Density.

Whats bigger 7mm or 300 mag?

300 Win Mag are slightly longer than the 7mm RM, and its overall case capacity has a larger volume. While the . 300 Win Mag has a higher case capacity and can take higher pressures, it also must send heavier grain bullets down range while maintaining necessary terminal ballistics.

Does the military use 7mm mag?

The 7mm Remington Magnum rifle cartridge was introduced as a commercially available round in 1962, along with the new Remington Model 700 bolt action rifle. It is a member of the belted magnum family that is directly derived from the venerable ….

7mm Remington Magnum
Primer type Large rifle magnum

Which is bigger .308 or 7mm mag?

The . 308 is the more popular of the two cartridges, based on the availability of surplus ammunition, and its military background. The 7mm-08 gives better ballistic coefficient and sectional density values when comparing bullets of the same weight, the . 308 will offer a greater frontal diameter.

What kicks more 7mm or 300 Win Mag?

300 Win Mag has noticeably more recoil than the 7mm Rem Mag. For example, when fired from the exact same rifle, a . 300 Win Mag load firing a 165 grain bullet has about 25% more recoil than a 7mm Rem Mag load firing a 150 grain bullet at a similar muzzle velocity.