Which dryer is perfect for thermolabile substances?

Vacuum dryers. Vacuum dryers offer low-temperature drying of thermolabile materials or the recovery of solvents from a bed.

Which dryer is most efficient heat exchange between the particles and flowing air?

11. Which one of the following dryers have high drying rate but low residence time? Explanation: The drying rate is very high for a flash dryer and hence low residence time. Flash dryers are used to dry materials by breaking them into fine particles and spread them over a region to pass very hot dry air above it.

What are the drawbacks of batch dryer?

Their major disadvantages are that they cannot be easily automated, so require more supervision and labor per bushel than other types of dryers and they have a large temperature and moisture variation across the grain column. The energy efficiency is about 2,500 to 3,000 Btu per pound of water removed.

What is difference between batch dryer and continuous dryer?

The continuous drying system offers the lowest operating costs as compared to batch drying systens Furthermore, a uniform grain moisture content after drying is obtained, and the drying capacity of the continuous flow dryer is higher than that of the mixing grain batch dyer if the same dryer and drying conditions are …

Which product is not dried into the spray dryer?

Q. Which product is NOT dried by spray dryer?
B. Fruit Juice
C. Lactose
D. Bacterial & viral cultures
Answer» d. Bacterial & viral cultures

Which dryer is used in pharmaceutical industry?

Continuous-tray dryers (e.g. turbo dryers) are recommended when larger capacities are needed. Among the more common dryers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are: fluidized-bed dryers, vacuum dryers, freeze-dryers, drum- dryers, continuous-tray dryers, filter-dryers, mixer-dryers, etc.

Which dryer has least thermal efficiency?

Answer:Screen Conveyor Dryer is the dryer that has the least thermal efficiency.

What dryer uses drying radiation?

microwave dryer
Explanation: A microwave dryer uses long wavelength radiation of the order of radio waves. The material is heated throughout by the radiation that penetrates into it.

Is rotary dryer batch dryer?

In batch dryers such as tray or rotary dryers, food is loaded onto trays in a chamber and left until drying is complete. In cabinet dryers, a series of trays containing the food are stacked in an insulated cabinet, with sufficient space between trays to allow airflow (Fig. 14.12).

What is fluidized bed dryer?

Fluid or Fluidised bed dryer is a kind of equipment used extensively in the pharmaceutical industries to reduce the moisture content in raw ingredients like powder and granules. The working principle of this equipment includes fluidization of the fed materials.

How can you increase the efficiency of spray drying?

Spray drying energy efficiency can be improved by widening the gap between inlet and outlet temperatures and adding heat recovery equipment. For many years, spray drying has been one of the most energy-consuming drying processes, yet it remains one that is essential to the production of dairy and food product powders.