Which companies are selling shares in Zambia?

Lusaka Securities Exchange (LuSE) – Listed companies

Company Sector Price
Airtel Networks Zambia Telecom 17
British American Tobacco Zambia Consumer Goods 1.87
CEC Africa Investment Financials 0.35
Chilanga Cement Industrials 13.37

How much do shares cost in Zambia?

Lusaka Securities Exchange Share Prices

Company Price Updated
CEC 3.18 May 20, 2022
AECI 36.27 May 20, 2022
Airtel 17.00 May 20, 2022
Bata 2.59 May 20, 2022

What is the new name for Lusaka Stock Exchange?

Lusaka Securities Exchange Plc (LuSE) – Creating Wealth and Investment Culture.

How can I buy shares of stock in Zambia?

How to Invest

  1. Pick a Broker.
  2. Open a Trading Account with one of these Brokers.
  3. Choose the Asset in which to invest.
  4. After making a decision, send a Buy order via the Broker.
  5. The transaction is completed once buying and selling prices match.
  6. The Broker issues the transaction notification and charges their fees.

What are the best companies to invest in Zambia?

Here are the top 8 industries to invest in Zambia in 2021-2022.

  1. Mining.
  2. Manufacturing.
  3. Agriculture.
  4. Energy.
  5. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  6. Tourism.
  7. Construction.
  8. Health.

How do I buy Shoprite Zambia shares?

How to buy Shoprite Group Shares

  1. Open a FREE Trading Account here.
  2. Verify account via email or phone number.
  3. Set up 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)
  4. KYC your profile to get verified.
  5. Explore and get acquainted with the trading dashboard.
  6. Deposit fiat into your trading account.

What should I invest in Zambia?

Is Zambia a good country to invest in?

Other key strengths that make Zambia an attractive investment destination include: An abundance of natural resources and manpower. Political stability since attaining its independence in 1964. The abolition of controls on: prices, interest rates, foreign exchange rates and free repatriation of debt repayments.

How can you make money in Zambia?

Ways To Make Money Online In Zambia

  1. Make Money With Affiliate Marketing.
  2. Start A YouTube Channel In Zambia.
  3. Sell Your Services From Zambia.
  4. Freelance On Sites To Make Money In Zambia Online.
  5. Buy And Sell Websites From Zambia.
  6. Taking Surveys Online From Zambia.
  7. Teach English In Zambia To Make Money Online.
  8. Narrate Audiobooks.

How much are Shoprite shares in Zambia?

ZMW 64.00
The current share price of Shoprite Holdings (SHOP) is ZMW 64.00.

How can I invest in bonds in Zambia?

You can purchase Government securities by either submitting a bid yourself directly to the Bank of Zambia or through any of the local commercial banks that will submit the bid to the Bank of Zambia on your behalf.