Where is the safe key in the Museum technology Fallout 3?

The safe is located west of the planetarium in the security office that overlooks the Virgo II. The terminal codes are: Terminal #001 – 19 (Ground floor, directly across from the entrance to the museum.)

How do I start Jiggs loot?

Jigg’s Loot is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3. You can start this quest by reading the #000 entry on the terminal located behind the destroyed airplane in the Museum of Technology. Choose the number 19 on the same terminal, then go through the Vault tour, then into the next section.

What is in the Museum of Technology Fallout 3?

Several exhibits can still be found in the museum, including several airplanes. The Wright Flyer I lays in pieces on the floor just inside the museum entrance. Deeper inside the museum, more airplanes can be found. Hanging from the ceiling in the same room as the Virgo II lunar lander is a P-51 Mustang.

Where is the gun locker in the Museum of Technology?

Location. The note is added to the Lone Wanderer’s Pip-Boy after reading the Security Bulletin 002 on the Museum of Tech Security terminal, located on the counter of the Security Room in the Museum of Technology West Wing.

Where is the key in the Museum?

While still on the 3rd floor, you will come across this security guard. Kill him and you will get the “Museum Key Card” automatically. Once you reach the 4th floor through story progress, turn to your right and pass both black Metal Doors. Go down the staircase to the 3rd floor and turn to your right.

How do I get to the Museum of History Fallout 3?

The Museum of History can be accessed through the metro. One route is via Anacostia Crossing Station, following the tracks into Museum Station. The museum is on the north side of the Mall, north and a little east of the Washington Monument. Its east and west wings straddle the Museum station western exit.

How do you unlock the door in museum Sifu?

On a small table to the left of the ramp, you can pick up the Museum Map board item. Then head up the ramp, and note the elevator and stairway doors further ahead — these are the two shortcuts you can unlock later in this level.