Where is the Palisade Peach Festival 2021?

Riverbend Park
The Palisade Peach Festival is held the third weekend of August every year at Riverbend Park in Palisade.

Will there be Colorado peaches in 2021?

Palisade Peaches Returning in 2021 Palisade peaches are returning to Colorado for the summer of 2021! Right now, the peach trees in Palisade are loaded with baby peaches. Freestone peaches are expected to be available across the state around the first week of August, 2021.

Where is Palisade Peach Festival?

Palisade Peach Festival – Palisade | August The annual Palisade Peach Festival is running from Friday to Saturday, August 12th – 13th, 2022 in Riverbend Park.

How much are tickets to the Palisade Peach Festival?

Also on the schedule are a parade in Palisade, the Just Peachy 5K and 10K, and a car show. Two-day tickets to the festival in the park cost $10 for adults, $5 for children age 6–12 or $25 for a family pass. Saturday-only tickets cost $7 for adults or $3 for children. Children 5 and younger get in free.

Where is the Peach Festival in Colorado?

The 23rd annual Lafayette Peach Festival will be on Saturday, August 20th, 2022 held in Old Town Lafayette. Expect to be flooded with over 30,000 tons of peaches from Morton’s Orchards, Tate Orchards, and Red Fox Run Orchards via peach truck locations along public roads.

Are Palisade peaches ready?

To select the perfect Palisade peach look first around the stem. If the skin is green near the stem the peach was picked green. Use these for recipes where a firmer peach is needed, such as grilling. If the skin around the stem is yellow or red then the peach is ripe.

Does anyone ship Palisade peaches?

Fresh tree-ripened Palisade peaches shipped nationwide to the lower 48 states. Order in July for August delivery.

Why are Palisade peaches so good?

Locals will tell you Palisade peaches are the best, simply because they’re ripe, sweet and loaded with chin-dripping juice. Grand Junction’s hot days and cool nights are perfect for bringing out the natural sugars in the peaches and growing big fruit.

What are Palisade peaches?

Palisade peaches are said to be the best, simply because they’re ripe, sweet and loaded with chin-dripping juice. Fresh tree-ripened organic Palisade peaches grown by Alida’s Fruits, small family orchards in Palisade, CO.

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