Where is the dimensional vortex?

The Dimensional Vortex appears in three different time periods: 12,000 BC (near the village), 1000 AD (near the Millenial Fair), and 2300 AD (near the Derelict Factory). Each offers a mixture of new and old, as well as some opportunities to bolster Crono, Marle, and Lucca.

What is the dimensional vortex in Chrono Trigger?

The Dimensional Vortex (次元の歪み Vortex?) are bonus dungeons available exclusively in Chrono Trigger (DS) after finishing the game once. There are 3 dimensional vortexes. These vortexes are in the time periods Antiquity, Present, and Future.

Does steam Chrono Trigger have the dimensional vortex?

The Dimensional Vortex is an exclusive to Chrono Trigger DS as well as the mobile and Steam versions. It is unlocked after beating the game and starting up your save file.

What do prism specs do?

Prism lenses are special lenses that are prescribed by eye doctors and infused into regular lens prescriptions. They do not contain any focusing power, and therefore cannot correct any refractive errors. Prisms “trick” the eye into believing that an object is in a different location in order to improve eye alignment.

How do you beat the mega mutant?

Mega Mutant (Top) Fire Def. Taking a party of Robo, Lucca, and Magus, and equipping one of them with the Blue Rock, will allow for almost an instant-death attack on the Mega Mutant, the Omega Flare. It will deal about 4000+ damage to each part of the mutant and will most likely kill the bottom.

How do the dimensional vortexes work?

To start with, all the vortexes have reused areas (RMs) from the original Chrono Trigger game and they work as following: everytime you enter a Dimensional Vortex you’ll be facing a sequence of map sections (a total of 5 screens) before you get to the Nameless Cave, from where you can then advance to the actual side-quest.

What time period is the Dimensional Vortex in?

When you return to your saved game, three new Gates will have appeared in separate time periods (12,000 B.C., 1000 A.D., and 2300 A.D.). Like other dungeons in the game, the Dimensional Vortex varies depending on which time period you’re in when you pass through the gate.

What is the Dimensional Vortex in Chrono Trigger?

The Dimensional Vortex is a location in Chrono Trigger: The Zodiac Era. It is a rip in the fabric of space-time that appears in three eras: 12000 B.C., 1000 A.D., and 2300 A.D. A temporally unstable zone, the dimensional vortex features several fragmentary locales, possibly lost pieces of other timelines or histories.

How many times do you have to beat the Dimensional Vortex?

We’re Back! ( Homecoming; 1000 A.D. second time) Footsteps! Follow! (65M B.C. first time) The Final Battle (1999 A.D. /???) In the Nintendo DS version, one exclusive area exists called the Dimensional Vortex. The Dimensional Vortex is a dungeon that can only be accessed after beating the game at least once.