Where is Gen Raheel Sharif now?

the Saudi Arabia
General Raheel Sharif, the former Pakistani army chief, will now head the Saudi Arabia-led 39-nation military coalition formed to serve as a platform for security cooperation and combat terrorism.

Who will be the next Army chief of Pakistan?

Lt General Sahir Shamshad Mirza will be the senior-most serving officer in the Pakistan Army after Bajwa’s retirement.

Who appointed Gen Bajwa?

On 29 November 2016, Prime Minister Sharif eventually announced to appoint General Bajwa – the fourth by seniority, as the Chief of Army Staff, superseding two generals who were senior than him.

Who is the longest serving Chief of Army Staff in Pakistan?

General Muhammad Zia ul Haq has the longest tenure as chief of army staff, and Lieutenant General Gul Hassan Khan has the shortest period as a Army chief. After independence of Pakistan Commander in Chief was the highest ranking officer in the Pakistan Army.

Who is the current chief of Islamic military alliance?


Force commander End of tenure
General Raheel Shareef Incumbent

Who is ISI chief?

Lieutenant General Nadeem Anjum
The newly-appointed Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Chief Lieutenant General Nadeem Anjum has instructed Pakistani authorities not to release his images or video footage to the media, according to a media report today.

Who is next army chief?

Gen Manoj Pande
Gen Manoj Pande took charge as the 29th Chief of the Army Staff on Saturday after incumbent Gen MM Naravane retired from service. Gen Pande, who was serving as the vice chief, became the first officer from the Corps of Engineers to helm the force. Manoj C Pande will serve as army chief for more than two years.

What is the cast of Raheel Sharif?

Early life. General Raheel Sharif was born in Quetta, capital of Pakistan’s Balochistan province. He belongs to a Punjabi Janjua family with roots in Punjab (in the town of Kunjah, Gujrat). He has a prominent military background, and is the son of (late) Major Muhammad Sharif.