Where is Dr Zahi Hawass now?

He was promoted to “Undersecretary of the State for the Giza Monuments” in 1998. Hawass continues to be involved in archaeological projects at Giza and other sites in Egypt. Currently, he heads the science committee overseeing the Scanpyramids project.

What was Ptah god of?

Ptah, also spelled Phthah, in Egyptian religion, creator-god and maker of things, a patron of craftsmen, especially sculptors; his high priest was called “chief controller of craftsmen.” The Greeks identified Ptah with Hephaestus (Vulcan), the divine blacksmith.

What is special about Ptah?

Ptah was the ancient Egyptian god of craftsmen, worshipped in Memphis since the Old Kingdom. He was said to be the creator of all things, including other creator gods. Although poorly attested in early Egyptian writing, Ptah was worshipped in Memphis since late prehistory.

Did Ptah create humans?

He is attributed with creating many of the other original gods, the heavens and the Earth. The animals and humans of Earth were created on the potters wheel of Khnum, but since Ptah likely create Khnum we can thank him for that as well.

Did Zahi Hawass steal?

Three years later, in a foreshadowing of his future troubles, he was accused of neglect and fired after a valuable ancient statuette in his custody was stolen from Giza; Hawass says a rival set him up. A year later, he got his job back, and in 2002 he was chosen to run the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities.

What are Ptah powers?

Ptah is an Egyptian creator god who conceived the world and brought it into being through the creative power of speech.

Who is Ptah’s wife?

goddess Sekhmet
Ptah was the head of a triad of gods worshipped at Memphis. The other two members of the triad were Ptah’s wife, the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet, and the god Nefertem, who may have been the couple’s son. Ptah’s original association seems to have been with craftsmen and builders.

How old is Zahi Hawas?

74 years (May 28, 1947)Zahi Hawass / Age

Why was Dr Hawass sacked?

Hawass had been accused of corruption, shoddy science and having uncomfortably close connections with the deposed president and first lady⎯all of which he vociferously denied. Many young archaeologists also demanded more jobs and better pay⎯and they complained Hawass had failed to deliver.

How did Zahi Hawass lose his job?

In April 2011 he was sentenced to a year in jail, stemming from an alleged case of rigged contract bidding at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. (The verdict was later overturned.) In July 2011, after serving two successive post-Mubarak governments, Hawass finally was obliged to give up his job.

What did Ptah look like?

Ptah is generally represented in the guise of a man with green skin, contained in a shroud sticking to the skin, wearing the divine beard, and holding a sceptre combining three powerful symbols of ancient Egyptian religion: The Was sceptre. The sign of life, Ankh. The Djed pillar.