Where does the West Side Highway start?

West 72nd Street
The West Side Highway, also known as the Joe DiMaggio Highway, extends from West 72nd Street along the Hudson River to the southern tip of Manhattan.

Is the West Side Highway the same as the Henry Hudson Parkway?

The Henry Hudson Parkway is a major north/south route on the West Side of Manhattan. The West Side Highway (NY 9A) becomes the Henry Hudson Parkway in the vicinity of West 72 Street. It runs north along through Riverside Park along the Hudson River to the northern end of Manhattan.

When was West Side Highway removed?

By 1989, the old elevated highway structure was totally dismantled except for a small portion from 59th Street to 72nd Street, which, in effect, became the southern extension of the Henry Hudson Parkway….

West Side Elevated Highway
Country United States
State New York
Highway system

How long is West Side Highway?

5.42 miWest Side Highway / Length

What are the exits on the West Side Highway?

New York State Roads – Henry Hudson Parkway Exit List

Mile Northbound Southbound
4.9 Exit 13 West 158th Street
6.1 Exit 14 George Washington Bridge Cross-Bronx Expressway West 178th Street
6.1 Exit 15 Riverside Drive South Exits 14-15 Riverside Drive George Washington Bridge Cross-Bronx Expressway
Speed Limit 45 Speed Limit 50

What is the speed limit on the West Side Highway?

30 mph
MANHATTAN (WABC) — New speed limits took effect Saturday on the West Side Highway as part of the Vision Zero pedestrian safety program. City officials are restricting how fast cars can travel between 59th Street and Battery Place. The 35 mile an hour speed limit is dropping to 30 mph, with new signs installed.

Where does the Henry Hudson Parkway end?

The Henry Hudson Parkway is a 10.95-mile (17.62 km) parkway in New York City. The southern terminus is in Manhattan at 72nd Street, where the parkway continues south as the West Side Highway. It is often erroneously referred to as the West Side Highway throughout its entire course in Manhattan.

When was West Side Highway built?

2001West Side Highway / Constructed

What two rivers are on either side of Harlem?

Kayaking around Manhattan revolves (so to speak) around three rivers: the Hudson River, the East River, and the Harlem River. (Two and a half of them are not really rivers, but we won’t let that distract us here.) And so, when we fly back to NYC, we always try to sit by the window.

What highway runs along Hudson River?

At its greatest extent, the highway, known as the Hudson River Expressway (HRE), was to run for 47 miles (76 km) on the east side of the Hudson River from I-87 in the Bronx to I-84 east of Beacon….

Interstate 487
North end I-84 near Beacon
Country United States
State New York

Where is the West Side Highway in New York City?

(He did not provide a cost estimate in the article.) The existing West Side Highway, facing north along the Upper West Side. This section of NY 9A (from West 59th Street north to West 72nd Street) leading into the Henry Hudson Parkway is the only existing limited-access portion remaining.

Why did New York City give up on the West Side Highway?

At the same time, Congress moved to deny necessary funding for the landfill. On September 30, 1985, New York City officially gave up on the project, allocating 60 percent of its interstate highway funds to mass transit and setting aside $811 million for the “West Side Highway Replacement Project”.

Should the West Side Highway be placed underground?

Placing the West Side Highway underground would go far to improve the environment for the people who live and work in the area, not only by improving waterfront access and pedestrian activity, but also by reducing ambient noise pin noise abatement.

What year did the West Side Highway collapse in NYC?

^ “Truck and Car Fall as West Side Highway Collapses”. The New York Times. December 16, 1973. A section of the West Side Highway collapsed yesterday under the weight of a dump truck and a passenger car, both of which fell to the street below.