Where does Julian Edelman rank all time?

Now let’s dive a little deeper. Edelman’s 620 career receptions rank 75th on the all-time list, just ahead of Jordy Nelson. His 6,822 yards rank 156th, just ahead of Larry Centers … a fullback. And his 36 career receiving TDs have him off the charts, somewhere after the 215th-ranked pass catches at 37.

Will Edelman be a Hall of Famer?

The short answer to whether Julian Edelman belongs in the Hall of Fame is no. The numbers aren’t there. He will likely be a lock for the New England Patriots Hall of Fame, but you probably won’t be seeing a bust of him in Canton. In his 11 seasons, Edelman played all 16 games just three times.

What was Julian Edelman’s best season?

Julian Edelman’s career took off in 2013 He finished the season with 151 targets, 105 receptions, 1,056 yards, and 6 receiving touchdowns. It would also be the season where Edelman began to be the Patriots’ go-to receiver in the playoffs.

How many touchdowns did Julian Edelman have?

Julian Edelman/Number of touchdowns

Is Jordy Nelson a Hall of Famer?

GREEN BAY – Former Packers receiver Jordy Nelson is one of 10 athletes who will be inducted into the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame on Oct. 4.

Will Gronk be a Hall of Famer?

When Gronk retired last year (March 2019), his 5-year clock for Pro Football Hall of Fame eligibility started, he would have been eligible for Hall consideration in 2024.

Is Edelman better than Welker?

Welker finished his Patriots career with 672 catches for 7,459 yards and 37 touchdowns while Edelman had 620 receptions for 6,822 yards and 77 touchdowns. It’s hard to argue that Edelman didn’t follow Welker’s footsteps very closely with his NFL career — so, Brady isn’t necessarily wrong.

Is Wes Welker a Hall of Famer?

And on Sunday Welker passed Rice with his 18th career game with 10 or more receptions. Though Rice’s name is dropping in the history books, his accomplishments remain immortalized in Canton, Ohio at the Pro Football Hall of Fame….Wes Welker: Patriots Record-Breaker; Future NFL Hall of Famer?

Player Wes Welker
Receptions 760
Yards 8,486
Touchdowns 37
Pro Bowls 4

What records does Julian Edelman hold?

Julian Edelman’s career stats 6,822 receiving yards. 36 touchdown receptions. 413 rushing yards on 58 attempts. 4 punt return touchdowns.

Why is Jordy Nelson famous?

Nelson’s successful return season had 97 receptions, 1,257 receiving yards, and 14 touchdowns in 2016. His 14 receiving touchdowns led the NFL for the 2016 season. He was named the NFL Comeback Player of the Year for the 2016 season after missing the entire 2015 season with the torn ACL.

Who is the greatest te ever?

25 Greatest Tight Ends in NFL History

  • Greg Olsen. Chicago Bears 2007-10, Carolina Panthers 2011-19, Seattle Seahawks 2020.
  • Jackie Smith. St.
  • Jimmy Graham. New Orleans 2010-14; Seattle 2015-17, Green Bay 2018-19, Chicago 2020-Present.
  • Jerry Smith. Washington 1965-77.
  • Ben Coates.
  • Charlie Sanders.
  • Todd Christensen.
  • Keith Jackson.