Where did meteorologist Cedric Haynes go?

Former WYFF meteorologist Cedric Haynes is now a meteorologist at WRCB-TV in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Photo courtesy of WRCB-TV.

Who is the new girl on WYFF 4?

Parella Lewis joined WYFF News 4 in September 2019 and can be seen every morning Monday through Friday starting at 4:30am. She came to Greenville from Seattle, Washington where she spent twelve years doing the weather and working on a regional crime show.

Where is Geoff Hart from WYFF?

Geoff is originally from Canada but spent most of his childhood in England with his parents and four brothers before the family relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida when Geoff was a teenager.

Why did Cedric Haynes leave Channel 4 news?

Answer: Meteorologist Cedric Haynes left WYFF to take a job at another station in order to be closer to his family, said Kelly Hoffman, WYFF creative services director. He announced his plan to leave WYFF on Twitter, saying that the weekend of September 24, 2021 would be his last on air there.

Where is Cedric on WYFF 4?

Where did Sidney Sullivan go?

After graduation, Sydney’s career took her to Syracuse, New York, where she spent two years tracking storms in one of the snowiest cities in the country.

Who has left WYFF 4?

Michael Cogdill
Cogdill is also a published author with two children’s books and a novel to his credits. WYFF News 4’s Michael Cogdill anchored his final newscast Tuesday night after announcing his retirement last month.

Is Geoff Hart leaving WYFF?

In May of 2021, WYFF News 4’s Geoff Hart announced he will not be returning to the anchor desk after being diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Where is Cedric Haynes moving to 2021?

Meteorologist Cedric Haynes, a football fan who follows the Tennessee Volunteers, said goodbye to the Quad-Cities on Friday as he moves closer to his family in Dalton, Georgia.

Who left WYFF?

WYFF News 4 Anchor Michael Cogdill announced today that he plans to retire from WYFF 4. In late November, Cogdill will anchor his final newscast, ending his nearly 33-year career at the station.

Who is Chris Justus married to?

Chris was named Chief Meteorologist in November 2019 when John Cessarich retired. Chris and his wife Lauren live in Greenville with their two sons, Mason and Parker. Chris is committed to serving the community and is active in his church.