Where can I practice football in London?

If you get together 22 people to play a proper match, this boils down to less than £4 a person to hash out some old feelings.

  • Regent’s Park.
  • Victoria Park.
  • Tufnell Park Playing Fields.
  • Market Road Football Pitches.

Can you play football in London?

London FA have over 1,000 affiliated clubs made up over 1800 registered 11-v-11 adult teams, each of whom are involved in regular league football. There are 17 adult leagues registered to the London FA offering football to both male and female players to enjoy the 11-v-11 game.

Where can I find a 5 a side team in London?

5aside.com™ provides teams with premium 5 a side football leagues. As well as getting the usual 5 a side (and 6 a side & 7 a side) essentials right with quality pitches, refs & balls, we offer more features than other London five a side football leagues. We also keep match fees and admin to the bare minimum.

Where can I play football in London for free?

Best London parks to play football in

  • Hyde Park. If you’re looking for a location for your local league to play at, the Old Football Pitches located on the south side of this famous London park are perfect.
  • Holland Park.
  • Regent’s Park.
  • Victoria Park.

How do I find people to play football with in the UK?

http://www.playerwanted.co.uk/ – this is just for players who are looking for teams (you can’t use it as a team to find a player). http://www.myfootyapp.co.uk/ – Football organisation app.

Is five a side football allowed?

Under the new restrictions indoor sport with more than six players in total is now banned – meaning that you can no longer play indoor five-a-side football.

Can you play rounders in Hyde Park?

Perfect for a kick-around, a game of rounders or softball, or even a party or outdoor event, the grass pitches adjacent to the WTW Hyde Park tennis centre are a great amenity set in beautiful surroundings.

Where can I play rounders in London?

There are many dedicated Rounders pitches in London? s parks such as at Clapham Common, Hyde Park and Parliament Hill and there are also plenty of pitches available at London schools (particularly at female schools).

How do I join a semi pro football team UK?


  1. Sign up and choose your plan.
  2. Attend a Soccer Smart Trial for FREE.
  3. Creation of player profile and professional highlight video.
  4. Play in a trial game in front of Premier League and League Football Club scouts.
  5. Have your profile distributed to clubs suitable to your level.